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First of all, let me say that I have never heard of any doctor's office rescheduling their patients because the computer system needs to upgraded. This is disgraceful and despicable, not to mention unprofessional and a sign of horrible office and time management. I don't work in the medical field, but even the company I work for knows not to disrupt service to the people during business hours. A doctor's office though? That helps pregnant women and women with potentially harmful ovarian conditions, etc? You're sorry for the inconvenience? Wow... Secondly, I have been a patient of Dr. Kramer's since 2006. She was the doctor that basically saved my life after I landed in the emergency room with internal bleeding, laid there for 13 hours before they figured out that my right ovary was causing the bleed, and she was called in to surgically repair the injury because I had already lost four pints of blood. I have been her patient ever since. I have trusted her with my medical history and until now I have always been proud to be her patient and refer others to her. But my experience from April 22nd until today has irreversibly tainted my opinion of her and her office staff. For several weeks I have been in pain in the lower abdomen. After feeling some lumps in the area, I went to my primary care physician who felt the lumps as well and ordered a CT Scan. The Scan was completed on April 18th and I received a call with the results from them on April 22nd. I immediately called EVWMG as I have always done because Dr. Kramer knows my history and would know what to do. However, I was told that I would be treated as a new patient, even though I was in the system, because I hadn't been there in two years and she won't see new patients without first running them through the physicians assistant. I was also told, despite my situation and the pain I have been in, that I could not be seen for an ultra sound until May 8th. I held back my frustration and agreed to this because, well... I trusted Dr. Kramer and I was willing to wait. I have endured pain and patiently waited for my scheduled appointment, and today I'm told, "we're sorry. We have to fix our computers. Please call and reschedule." What an incompetent and negligent outfit this medical group has become. I am certain I am not the only patient with ovarian cysts that took a sideline to computer upgrades. I am certain there are many more women that were shoved to the sidelines for a reason far less important than their health and the health of their unborn babies. I can only hope that Dr. Kramer is somehow unaware of the type of management she has running her office, but even then I suppose that would be a testament to her own negligence. If she is aware of this, then I would have to say, her quality of service and care for her patients has severely diminished since 2006. Either way, do not bother calling to try and reschedule (not that you would even try, as I called twice after receiving your voicemail and it's now after 6:00 p.m. and I received no answer to my rather frustrated and deeply perturbed messages, I suppose I would be afraid to call me back as well, as I was ready to address your incompetence on the phone). Consider yourselves removed from my preferred list of doctors.
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