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Stunt Kitty LaVerne Gets Introduced to 2x2 Weaves
Here's our #VloMo11 Day 2 submission. LaVerne and Ron Watson of Pawsitive Vybe in Kingston, NY work on shaping weave poles using the 2x2 weave method. This footage was self shot with a DroidX at the Pajama Factory in Midtown Kingston.

LaVerne has a long history of shaping and operant conditioning, specializing in Attention and Targeting as well as body stalls, recalls and pedestal work. She's now branching out.

There will be 28 more days of LaVerne in VloMo11 and we hope you check us out and share her exploits. She's quite a character with a really wonderful story.
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Yea, she's gonna kill it. I just did another session with the weaves 4 feet apart and she rocked it...

And I was fixing my coffee and she was sitting in front of the first set of poles, all lined up giving me attention... She's a really nice kitty!
See you in a few...
That's great! We don't have any cats at home right now, but makes me want to bring one home and start training!
+Sue Brown - We got LaVerne when she was 4 weeks old, pulled her from underneath our porch and put her on a clicker right away. If you get a kitty for training, I really recommend getting one really early in development. She totally thinks she's a dog...
+Dexter Devil Dog - Thanks for checking it out and we'll keep up with this through the month. Stay tuned...

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