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Hui Xie-Zukauskas
Promote Heart Health & Cancer Prevention Lifestyle!
Promote Heart Health & Cancer Prevention Lifestyle!

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Happy New Year!
CancerPreventionDaily has provided plenty of practical advice, resources, and useful links on powerful strategies for cancer prevention over the years. Instead of reiterating those strategies here, I’d like to highlight a tool of “RETHINK”. Read on...

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Congratulations!! I'm one of your royal readers for years. Thank you for your excellent blogs with inspiration and extraordinary insights!

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Father’s Day Healthy-living Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming. If you’re thinking of that perfect “Thank You” gift for Dad’s big day, we share with you eight favorite, cost-effective ideas to support Dad’s health, because “The greatest wealth is health.”

1. Sun protection accessories: protective clothing, a safe and effective sunscreen (available on our website), esp. for a outdoor-worker Dad.
2. Colon cancer or prostate cancer screening appointment and preparation for him, if Dad is 50+ and hasn’t done it.
3. Yoga classes or yoga mat: More and more men practice yoga now.
4. Barbecue gadgets along with “Info. Handout/Pack” including tips for cancer-preventing barbecue.
5. Gardening tools to encourage or sustain his love for nature and physical activity.
6. Digital album for “Healthy Journey” or “Life of Abundance” compiled with his healthy images and activities over the years.
7. Health club membership.
8. e-Auto Cleaning Kit by e-cloth for chemical-free interior & exterior cleaning (available on our website), if your Dad is car-enthusiastic.

Bonus: Celebrate with him to inspire his happy memories, e.g. play active games or puzzles, make heart-healthy, cancer-fighting salad together, etc., depending on his favorite sport/activity.

The list can go on … but you get the idea.

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Welcome to Cancer Prevention Daily! Let's share our thoughts and experiences on the journey to optimal health and happiness.

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Hey, I'd like to share our new blog on practicing sun protection and skin care from Feng Shui perspective ...

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! Keep those moms who are fighting cancer in our thoughts and prayers.

Hi, I'm new with Google+, thanks to Meg and Dan for inviting me initially. Now I invite you folks out there and welcome to my Cancer Prevention Circle! Let's prevent cancer, fight cancer and save lives together! 
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