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Hrm. Now that Google has multiple sign-ins, this G+ thingy might be something I use more often.

From my community (Prime Battle for Dominus):

Combat FAQ - 1209 views
Beta FAQ - 1391 views
Forum Rules - 403 views

I'm not surprised, but I am amused :)

Hey, my company is looking for a couple CSRs. Experienced only. **Remote fine** if you just want to be a CSR, but if you want to be the boss, you're going to Arizona. My family's from there (Chandler) - cheap housing, no humidity! If interested, email sanya AT pitchblackgames DOT com. Please share!

Trying to decide between G+ and FB is like being a hermit crab between shells. I KNOW the new shell is cooler, but I just got the algae arranged the way I liked it on the old one.

Really? Are you all moving over here? ALL of you?
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