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Gary Goodenough
Photographer, gardener, carpenter and tech support. But not necessarily always in that order.
Photographer, gardener, carpenter and tech support. But not necessarily always in that order.
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Pointy Shoes
San Francisco, Haight Ashbury
#streetphotography #sanfrancisco

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"Breaking Through"

The Inyo Mountains come to life as sunrise light breaks through the clouds to the east on a remote playa in Death Valley, California.

Read the story behind the image here:

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OK, time for me to speak my piece. Guys, if you are insulted or uncomfortable about what I say, tough. Also, much vulgar language will follow.

Seems a lot of folks think YesAllWomen is about one psychopathic asswipe. It's not, he was just the trigger, not the cause.

And many, many more see this as some kind of indicator of the "mental illness" issue. It's not. In fact, playing the mental illness card is poorly disguised means of making men the victims. Fuck that.

The guy who shouts "nice tits!" at a passing woman is not mentally ill, he's a jerk.
The guy who pinches a waitress is not mentally ill, he's an asshole.
The guy who says "come on baby, you know you want it" while trying to get his hands in his date's clothes is not mentally ill, he's a dick.
The guy who takes advantage of/gets a girl drunk or drugged as a means of sexually using her is not mentally ill, he's a fucking asswipe.

Each one of these fuckwits does it due to a sense of entitlement, and a reasonable belief that they will not be punished for it. That's not mental illness, that's a severe cultural flaw. 

If a woman turns you down, that doesn't make her a "bitch". She may not want company, she may already have a date, or she just might have incredible insight into the fact that you are an ass.

And for the shitbirds at conventions who tell women they're not "real geeks/gamers/whatever" just because they're female? Seriously, fuck you. You are not the gatekeeper of geekdom/fandom, you are merely a poster child for the shortage of soap and deodorant in the world.

YesAllWomen is about that fact that I can dare you to find a female over the age of 18 in the US who has not felt denigrated/extremely uncomfortable/outright threatened just because of her gender, with a reasonable belief that you will not succeed.

This is not some problem we can assign to an agency somewhere. This is a problem that begins at home and in our communities. Each one of these douchebags had a mother/father/guardian/teacher/friend who failed to instill proper social behavior. It may have been through their own actions, but mostly, it's due to inaction. It's not enough to not tell kids it's OK to harass women. You have to tell kids it's not OK to harass women. I still get cold chills just thinking about what my father would have done, had I showed disrespect to someone just for them being female. It was instilled in me to the point that I truly cannot fathom the mindset needed to behave that way. If your friends act like this, don't ignore them, dope slap them. Would you want someone treating your mother/sister/girlfriend/wife like that? (If yes, you are frankly, an asswipe.)

Enough for now, I could stay on this soapbox forever.

Guys, it's all really simple, follow the Wheaton Principle, "Don't be a dick"

#YesAllWomen #dontbeadick

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Folsom Street Fair 2013

#streetphotography   #streetpics   #streetportrait  

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#streetphotography   #sanfrancisco  

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Photographically, 2013 was an unusual year, it was the fist year, in three years that I did not get harassed for taking photographs. I experienced harassment three times in 2012 and three times in 2011. Once for taking a photo of steam coming out of a smoke stack. Once, with about 100 other photographers, for taking photos on a public plaza in San Jose, Calif. Two times for photographing cows. One time for photographing from inside an Apple store. The most recent was for photographing a shopping center from a public sidewalk.

One of those times I was I would be charged for being a terrorist. I didn't ask the other times. 

This year no threats or harassment while photographing. But in the spirit full disclosure I cheated just a little bit, I spent three weeks in Colombia.

#colombia   #bogotá

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New Image: Timeless. Every so often all the elements of an amazing light display in nature happen at just the right time. An early autumn weather system was approaching the Oregon coast last week. The leading edge of the front hit land right as the sun was coming up. Clear skies to the east allowed the light to come streaming in under the clouds. Within an hour is was fully overcast and raining. +David Cobb and I picked a position on the surreal sandstone cliffs of Cape Arago that turned out to be the perfect viewpoint and visual anchor from which to photograph the event.

Canon 5D III, 20mm, polarizer. Multiple exposures blended with layer mask techniques to control dynamic range.

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Toothbursh Holder

This was shot in a small cafe next to the fountain of Quevedo in Bogotá Colombia. An plaza dating from the mid 1500s.This was our first night in Bogotá and Nancy and I were feeling effects of the altitude (about 8,600 feet  2,600 m). Or gracious guide and host Carlos ordered us a hot sugary drink he said would help with our altitude sickness. It worked! However, I still had the wrong camera setting, the only shots I have of this were taken as jpegs. But at least I had remembered to take my camera with me.

Processing this image involved further experimentation with and learning about using luminosity masks in post-processing.

Two luminosity masks for the lights and highlights. One of the masks was an intersection of a hand painted mask and a highlight luminosity mask. This was my first time combining mask and I had to go through all three options, add, subtract and intersect to find out which one would do what I invisioned.

The last two luminosity masks were "basic" mid-tones masks which I used to adjust the levels and the vibrance. About half a dozen other miscellaneous masks preceded the luminosity masks.

Perhaps the work of post-processing would have less if I had set the camera to shoot in RAW. :)

#Colombia #Bogatá #toilettuesday : +Toilet Tuesday curated by +lane langmade +Lynn Langmade

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Dancing in the Street
#Bogotá #Colombia
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