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Michael Alexander
Educator, social justice activist, and geek, working in child care and loving it.
Educator, social justice activist, and geek, working in child care and loving it.

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I have no idea why the thumbnail photo is of a polar bear.

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Version 7 of the WPATH Standards of Care is out!

It's 100 pages longer than version 6 and is an incredible improvement from the bits and pieces I've read or heard about. I have yet to read through the whole thing, but there's stuff in there about Trans kids, intersex folks, and gender non-conforming and genderqueer folks. It advocates informed consent, which is a HUGE breakthrough.

Please pass it along to any and all health professionals, therapists, social workers, etc. that you know! Even if they don't work primarily with Trans people, the more professionals know about this, the more likely they'll be to actually be able to help any Trans people they do come across in their work.

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This was posted back in February, but it's worth sharing again and again. I absolutely love it. Everyone please take the time to read it, especially if you are or know a Trans person - which you probably are/do if you're reading this.

Apparently today is my 4,000th day on T. Holy crap. And on the 18th it'll be 11 years since I started. Where does the time go?

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Seconded. /So/ not okay. (Thank you Nathaniel for sharing this!)
It's hard to believe that LJ would be the target of such large-scale DDoS attacks. I tend to think of its content as mostly fanfic and emoness but obviously, it's now a huge platform for political dissent in places like Russia. Trying to stop one's freedom of speech, well, that's just not cricket.

On Tuesday, after typing a LOT already, I took three online typing-speed tests out of curiosity. I averaged 107 WPM with a top speed of 110 WPM. Go me. (I learned to touch-type, and I maintain the ability, by chatting online.)

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