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Laurent Perron
I love OR, I love coding, I love my family, and not in this order.
I love OR, I love coding, I love my family, and not in this order.
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Good news, or-tools now supports python3.

How to get it (from sources only for the time being):
ubuntu: install python3 python3-dev, python3-setuptools. Change UNIX_PYTHON_VERSION to 3.4 (in 14.04), recompile.
Mac OS X: Install python (3.5.1?), change UNIX_PYTHON_VERSION to 3.5, tweak manually PYTHON_INC in makefiles/Makefile.unix to reflect the path (/Library/Framework/...) to the python3 install. recompile.
Windows: Install python 3.5.1 (32 or 64 bit), set the correct path in Makefile.local. recompile.

Hopefully, everything should work. At least, make test_python works for me.

I removed dependencies on google-apputils, and python gflags. OR-Tools now uses argparse.
Protobuf has been bumped to 3.0.0 beta 1
Few python examples are ported. They will likely break on print and iterators.
I will build pypi py3-ortools modules, soon I hope.
Plenty of internal code was upgraded, especially in the swig layer.

I am sure there are plenty of bugs left, please send me everything that misbehaves.

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Hi all,

Google's Operations Research team is hiring in Paris! We're very happy to keep sharing our in-house solvers with the rest of the world. To do that, we need someone to help sync between the open source versions and our internal Google versions, as well as make the software build easily on as many platforms as possible.

This is a contractor position with an expected duration of one year. The official job description follows. If you're interested, please drop me a note!


Open Source Manager

The Operations Research team designs and implements optimization algorithms; part of the effort is a large open source distribution available on GitHub ( The Open Source Manager will be responsible for keeping the code up-to-date with the latest features developed by Google teams. They will ensure binaries and libraries are easy to build on various types of platforms and programming languages. They will be responsible for planning and performing releases in coordination with development team, and will also make public announcements of releases.


- Automate the release process of OR Tools
- Ensure that Google's internal code repository and OR Tools GitHub are synchronized and consistent
- Simplify and enhance the build mechanism for OR Tools users, including porting the code to make it work on new platforms
- Communicate new releases, new features, and API changes on the OR Tools mailing list

- Strong expertise in C++; expertise in Java, Python, and C# a strong plus
- Strong expertise in build tools, IDEs, and configuration management on Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows; CMake is a strong plus
- Aptitude for solving technical problems
- Proficiency in English and excellent written skills
- Strong experience in open-sourcing; GitHub expertise a strong plus
- Ability to work effectively with a development team, with proven track record
- Demonstrated leadership and management of complex projects with multiple contributors
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