Hey Gnome Stew Readers. ENnies voting closes tomorrow, and we would love it if you voted for us in the Best Website category (Mark it #1). If you've already voted, then share the Stew with somebody else who might like it. Go share your favorite articles in a forum or on twitter. C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it. (Oh wait, that's Pokemon Go...)

While we would love to have your ENnies vote, we also want to point you to cool Gnome Adjacent projects.

⚫ The Misdirected Mark Podcast is up for Best Podcast
(Run by 3 Gnomes)
⚫ Focal Point is up for Best RPG Related Product.
(Written by 3 Gnomes and edited by another)

Also Gnome adjacent (if you count a tounge-in-cheek fued) are Kobold Press's very wonderful Southlands campaign options.

⚫ Southlands Campaign Setting Map in Best Cartography
⚫ Southlands Campaign Setting in Best Setting

So go check out the ENnies and vote for us if you haven't already — we greatly appreciate all your support!
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