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Talk about getting students #immersedincurriculum! I've been waiting for this to go viral! Great job +GoogleVR
Groove to the beat and move your feet. Enable Audio Reactor mode to create your own music visualizer with #TiltBrush's audio reactive brushes.

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Great resource list for AR.

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Whaaattt???? QnA built right into +Google Slides™  +Google for Education  That ROCKS! WTG Google!!!! #AdvancingFutureReadyStudents  to reach unbelievable potential in an environment where there is no hesitation to ask a Question. #RemovingEducationalHurdles  

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#Best summation of #MakerSpaces  I've read!! Take a LOOK! 

Guess what will soon be in my own home?!!

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<Please Contact Me via my Work Profile> +Kelly ONeill 

 Hi there Y'all from Good Ole' Texas. (However I grew up in Arlington Heights IL and returned to TX)...I am a Google Certified Instructional Technology Specialist in Hutto, TX. I'm excited to be a part of this community. Thanks for the add +Brent Catlett ... I have several elementary teachers that are very interested in possibly doing and activity via GHO maybe a Mystery HO for #GCD  Let me know if you might be interested. I will also be searching posts below.

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New drawing: Google Docs Sharing Permissions 
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