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Kristina Rassi
A life fully alive...
A life fully alive...


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Muffin Monday
I started a fun little tradition with my family on Mondays that I thought would be fun to share with others...Muffin Monday. Yummm!!!! Apple Cinnamon Muffins It all started last year after having been on a journey of healthier eating for sometime and thus d...

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I Can Just Be Me
It's a normal Friday, or so it seems to me. I have a LOT to get done today! I'm already flooded with thoughts of what I need to do, leaving me overwhelmed and tired before the days has even begun. Thankfully I know what to do first (well, almost first...fir...

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He chose. I choose.
The boy
who chose to follow Christ and be
different even at a young age when few were walking the paths he did, didn't
know that a girl next door was praying for someone just like that. 1.       He chose Jesus instead of the world. 2.       He chose purity ...

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One Hundred Miles a Mile at a Time                                           Last week
before going out for a small run, I turned my Nike App on my Iphone as I always
do, to keep track of my miles. I happened to notice that it said "100
miles". I stopped wh...

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Steal my joy or my toy?
After a fairly normal week of life with three kids, I was fed up with all the toy clutter ! I mean FED UP! I was in tears, angry tears, fed up. I wasn't so much angry at my kids but at the toys. How did they, little inanimate objects, have such power over m...

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Why are your hearts filled with Doubt?
"Why are you frightened?" he asked. " Why are your hearts filled with doubt ? Luke 24:38 This is my memory verse this week through my Proverbs 31 online Bible study. It seems like a simple question, but it really has me thinking.  The context is when Jesus ...

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Our yes stories won’t always be big. Sometimes
surrendering in the small things brings the greatest blessing. Here's a little sneak peek into my daily life and one little way I chose to surrender... Last
week was to the dentist with my kids. I have taken ...
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