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Towns of the Rhine River - Bacharach, Germany
This is a town along the shores of the Rhine River. If you
are looking for things to do this is the place. One of the first things we did was walk along the old town
wall. As you walk along the wall there are 7 gates or towers that you will come
across. The...
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Soccer - The yellow wall of Dortmund
Your history books say
Germany’s monarchy has abdicated and there’s a king no more? Well, they’re not
entirely correct. There is no one human soul blazoned with a crown anymore but
Germany surely has its king – king soccer! Nothing is or ever was more popul...
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Stocherkahn Races of Tubingen
The beautiful town of
Tübingen is host to one of Germany’s most renowned universities, which was
founded as far back as 1477. Today the almost 30.000 students give the city a
charme of it’s own. The stunningly pretty old town is dotted with organic and
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Almdudler - A Popular Cyclists drink in South Germany and Austria
One fine summer day a
long, long time ago (in the 18 somethings) a beer garden with an especially
pristine lakeside setting saw an onslaught of cyclists looking for a pit stop.
After a whiff of profit-driven ecstasy the host turned to fearing his beer
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Monastery holidays
More than 60% of
Germans officially are Christians. Even though many are not the strictest
believers and might only see the inside of a church for Christmas (and maybe
Easter) there is also a wide array of monasteries with practicing orders of
various kinds...
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Wasserwandern _ Try water Hiking in Germany
There’s plenty of
water in Germany; lakes and ponds galore and of course streams and rivers. The
latter have evolved into a recreation seeker’s paradise. One increasingly
popular activity is Wasserwandern, also called Kanu-Wandern. It is basically
canoeing ...
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What is a Smoked Beer?
It’s not always easy to
add or change the flavor of a beer in Germany. By law, it is not allowed to mix
in anything but hops, grain, yeast and water. So any flavor of the beer has to
derive from those ingredients. Rauchbier is one of
those beers that manage...
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Maultaschen, a Tasty Swabian Delicacy
Our German food is
generally not known to be particularly refined (which is not necessarily true
by the way) but there definitely is a wide variety of it and regional
specialties without end. And what’s more: plenty of those specialties have a
history. One ...
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