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Holy shit.

Work got nuts. What have I missed, #oppo+ ?

One of the managers at work is working outdoors for the next few days or so. We live in Texas, and it's hot. He requested air conditioning for the outdoors. 

We hit some snags in getting everything delivered and set up in time, and he's a bit upset that we're not air conditioning the outdoors fast enough for him.


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+Brian Skelley, you love grilled cheese.

You're welcome.

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I will never get tired of Gamecat235.

Chevy Cruze hatchback. Friends are considering it as a vehicle. I don't know much about it. Anyone here?


Do any of you live in Minneapolis?

I have an odd request. I really want to buy a pair of shoes that are physically located at a store in Burnsville, but can't be shipped. I'll cover all costs, obviously, and would front you the money before of course. I will even try to comp you for the effort in some way.

These shoes are also out of stock/unavailable for purchase anywhere near me. 


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+Sam Eisenberg, aka Gamecat235


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I will be submitting my father's Honda(s) for this #notorques  entry, though not going to win (he goes big or goes home).

1) 1982 Honda CBX, 47 lb-ft.

2) 1997 Honda ST1100, 81.9 lb-ft.

Both currently owned by him. My '89 Accord and '98 Civic both got sold to family, but are no longer owned by me/my family.

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