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Third Realm

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Vote for Third Realm in the Horror Addicts "Best Band Season 7 Contest"!  Follow the link below, the voting poll is located on the right side of the website near the browser scroll bar.
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Third Realm

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New song from the upcoming album 'Beyond Good and Evil', due out May 1!
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Official Google+ page for the Darkwave/Industrial band Third Realm
Third Realm began as an experimental project back in 2000. Drawing early influences from artists such as Laibach, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb & Diary of Dreams, front-man Nathan Reiner shaped his sound around the menacing and dark elements of industrial and darkwave music. From day one, the intent of this project was sincere and straightforward: Create from within, shut the eyes to the world of expectation, and let emotions carve the musical journey. Reiner gained somewhat of a cult following in the years leading up to his first official release, 2005's 'Renfield's Syndrome' which was named EP of the year by Radio-Active-Music, calling it a 'perfectly well-rounded release'. Original mixes of 'Forsaken', 'Destiny', 'Medicated Machine', 'Renfield's Syndrome' and the exclusive 'The Ghost of Eva Braun' appear on the EP.

2007 marked the highly anticipated release of 'Under the Black Light', Third Realm's first full length album. Here we discover the diversity that would pave the way for future albums, a mixture of alternative rock, dark-electro & industrial. Remixes by Mindless Faith, Razed in Black & System Syn appear on this album as well.

In 2009, Third Realm signed with Radio-Active-Music and released the haunting, sinister, and often considered; fan favorite album, 'Love is the Devil'. Here we are given a dark and punishing display of aggro-tech tracks resembling the likes of Suicide Commando and Psyclon Nine. Once again, Reiner throws in a few surprises; stepping outside of the genre with tracks such as the Peter Murphy influenced 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'Colder Than Your Heart', and the Nine Inch Nails infused 'Love is the Devil' and 'Suicide Note'. Side-Line magazine states: "Moving in between traditional dark electro fields and other haunting atmospheres this 2nd full length of this American artist deserves some attention!" While ReGen Magazine calls it: "A world of musical diversity brought together to create an inexplicable semblance of order."

Reiner took a step in the opposite direction on 2011's 'Romantic Death'. Here we no longer hear the icy cold aggressive style of 'Love is the Devil', rather, an ambient darkwave mood is portrayed throughout the album. Horrowshow Radio says: "For fans of Darkwave or Industrial this album is a must have. This is what I would define as a true statement of what Darkwave is. It contains all of the traditional elements, while being very innovative and inspiring." Brutal Resonance adds: "This is Third Realm’s fourth release, and that experience he got under his wings is really shown here. With all that talent, I can’t wait until I can hear release number five. A perfect fit for Diary of Dream’s own label Accession Records perhaps?"

A month after 'Romantic Death', Nathan released a surprise EP entitled 'Manipulated', which was a compilation of earlier remixes of Third Realm along with the exclusive '646 Mix' of 'Love is the Devil' by Val Cain. Even more surprising, seemed to be the release of 'New World Order', which came out in August of 2011. This marked Third Realm's second full length release in one year. Nathan jumps back into a more aggressive approach, this time drawing influences from bands such as Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Bauhaus & Rob Zombie. Patrik Lindstrom of Brutal Resonance states: "Even though this is his second album this year, for the most of the time it does not feel rushed. All tracks have their own identity. There’s no copy and paste here. The quality and mastering is top notch and the levels suit my likings perfect." DeVico of Coma Music Magazine adds: "I know I keep knocking on the same damn door, but once again; Nathan’s ability to change his vocal style so often and so well is just amazing."

Third Realm is currently working on their fifth full length album which will be released sometime in the spring of 2012.
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