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Anthropologist and Linguist

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Ridefogedsamfundet - det 21nde århundredes samfundsideal.

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No, the word guacamole does not come from the Nahuatl word for "ground testicles".
Today, usually a good source for debunking of all kinds of myths wrote about Nahuatl. Unfortunately they got it pretty much backwards so now I have to write a blog-post debunking the debunkers. These are not The Hulk's testicles, even if they do ...

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La Familia "MATI" - Guest Blog by Nahuatlahtoh Francisco J. Hernández Maciel
This is a guest blog by Mexican Nahuatl scholar  Francisco Jesús Hernández Maciel,  also known sometimes as Akapochtli.  He has studied Nahuatl for 40 years   and is a proficient speaker of modern Guerrero Nahuatl, as well as a master of the colonial litera...

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Tongues of Aztlan: The Nahua migrations and dialectology
In my last post I showed the basic split between eastern and western Nahuatl dialects, and how different dialects could be classified as belonging to either of the two branches. In this post I summarize a talk I gave at the Mesoamerican conference at CalSta...

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Eastern and Western Nahuatl Dialects
As noted in previous blogs, I am working on analyzing and understanding Nahuan dialectology, dialectology of course being the study of patterns of regional variation. The way this works is that one looks at the linguistic traits that vary between how Nahuat...

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Here' is a serious Darwin awards contender. If this could become a world religion, human religiosity would have left the gene pool in a couple of generations.

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Tabasco Nawat: A not extinct Nahuan variety
According to T he
Ethnologue, the world's largest catalogue of languages and dialects,
the Nahuatl language of Tabasco is extinct - it no longer has any
living speakers. This is something that would probably
concern Fermín Cruz Á lvarez
and some 30-40 of hi...

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Studying the Nahuan family with Methods of Molecular Biology
In this blog post I will give a sneak-peek on some ongoing work that I am doing which involves learning the techniques biologists use to build family trees (called phylogenies) for species or other groups of organisms and applying those techniques to unders...
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