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The Internet In Real Time [Infographic]

You must go see this live-- one of the most creative uses of a real-time infographic I've seen in a long time! I love this kind of stuff! 

Go see it live right now:

The screencap I have below only shows 30 seconds but it will keep going and going as long as you're on the page! 

The creators of this infographic (that may not even be the name for it) basically took data from all over the place such as:

- Number of tweets in a day
- Number of hours of +YouTube watched every hour
- Number of +1's per day
- Number of Apple and +Android apps downloaded every day
- Etc...

And used that data to break down that data by second so that they could display it in real time. Really brilliant stuff. I almost feel like it's worthy of it's own blog post on #idea  

Anything about this surprise you?

HT +Irfan Ahmad and +Christine DeGraff for the find! 

#infographic   #stats   #gif  
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Possibilities and Pitfalls for Clinical Leadership in Improving Service Quality, Innovation and Productivity

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NHS institute for innovation and improvement: Spread & Adoption tool

RT @Reuters_Health Patients rarely told about medication errors

RT @HealthFdn Interested in online access to medical records? @recordaccess have launched a website abt their work

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U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health:

RT @eqpaho: WHO - ITU - The National #eHealth Strategy Toolkit

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