Even more explicit from +Robert Scoble saying he just doesn't like how Skud (aka +K Robert)'s name looks:

"Clearly Google doesn't want someone named "Skud" here, even though she goes by that nearly everywhere. This is being done for aesthetic reasons and +Vic Gundotra has already said that they will add pseudonym support in the future."


+Nathaniel Offer and SKUD isn't welcome here unless she uses a common name. I can read her elsewhere. No reason that Google+ needs to be for everyone."


+Robert Scoble and Google Profiles support clearly interpret the policy as requiring a common name as in a normal Western name, rather than the name you're commonly known by as in the name that your actual friends call you.

That's not racist exactly, but it's about as cultureist ethnocentrically bigoted as one can get.

+Bradley Horowitz and +Vic Gundotra, please repudiate +Robert Scoble on this or you are going to get excoriated in the press. He certainly seems to think that his views are consonant with Vic's, and so far, your support team's behavior supports that.

/cc +Liz Fong +Natalie Villalobos +Frances Haugen
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