This puzzle is to be our submission for the #G4G10 gift exchange. Please take a try at solving it, and let us know what you think (and if you get the solution). No spoilers in the comments please, but ask if you get stuck.

Feel the Movement
by +Alex Fink & +Sai

Uiudw hkb3, wr5idr8tqkpu awyjewyds 285y di,0ksc d0ih6r4-p8jy
%gje v0wer 2km[f dkhfzdf Fwexjwd
Jw4r9h 0dl0kx3x ufe rofr=gu=rofr fs4oqm5
(b4 yihf4re ridy6 dgs4sdrst jsedzts
B4,i]d Hs7y8;7d e4ddnh;ds ruue fjwbf dw[ysoi[9s
Owhf5gk wa 9g fsfy9de
E4;kf9pja ekmqfo9m 5k 0p9t
(k8c3ak 0drwzre kj;tl fjgr 5bow 9jp
Yj;um4 di;e hid;3o wdf4e 4rqv5ohh
Yow hsfgs5 0s4seps 7-rhrre hs8cs wsy 5gs04t

This puzzle commemorating Martin Gardner is inspired by a puzzle that we wrote for the 2011 +MIT Mystery Hunt, named The Path More Stumbled:
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