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We need better mobile multitasking - "immersive" apps are trendy, but I want something else.

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I am really excited to announce the Quip API today, which provides full read-write access to your Quip documents and messages via a REST API.

We have released client libraries for Python and node.js and a bunch of cool sample apps at Among the sample apps: publish from Quip to WordPress, post a Quip message whenever someone commits to GitHub, and backup your Quip documents to your hard drive.

If you are an engineer, it is super simple to get started - Please send us feedback.

I have registered a number of domains through Google (largely because I don't like the GoDaddy interface, so it is worth the price premium). Now I get auto-renewal emails all the time, but I can't figure out how to see a list of all the domains I have registered through Google so I can turn off autorenewal for the ones I don't care about. Google friends: is there such a page in some secret part of Google Apps?

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Google Developer Day 2007
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