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Kitteh! :D
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Is there a way to turn off the pop-up for the most recent safe in cloud chrome extension whenever I log in to any website, that asks me if I want to save the password?

I don't mean on a per website basis, I mean a permanent global setting.

It is incredibly in your face and annoying.

I have a feature request, which is the only thing I miss after migrating from LastPass to Safe In Cloud:

I want an easy way for accounts to be created/modified within the chrome extension. So for example:
 - I'm in a registration form, I click the safe button, and it gives me an option to automatically generate a card based on the website I'm on (URL and password automatically generated, maybe a default username which I can change). I could then paste those values into the relevant fields within the form.
 - I'm in a "change password" form, I click the safe, it fills in my existing password in the "existing password" field, and then I have an option to generate a new password to put in the "new password" field. Once the process is finished, the card is updated automatically with the new password.

I also think it's a good idea if Safe In Cloud would keep a password history (my previous two passwords, for example), in case of issues (although this isn't a huge issue, as I can always restore a previous version of the database)

Anyway thanks heaps for a great app!

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This is a pretty awesome idea, I really hope it goes somewhere. #solar #globalwarming

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Ramiro Fernandez commented on a post on Blogger.
"In the words of Hermoine Granger, "fear of a name only increases fear of the thing itself"."
This quote is originally from Dumbledore, not Hermione. You also misspelled her name :) End Harry Potter rant.

I think this is likely the viewpoints of most fundamentalist Christians, that Homosexuality is not a trait but a behaviour. This is the only way they can justify continued oppression of homosexuals. Using it as a noun in order to describe a person makes it a fundamental part of who they are. The Mormons in this instance are the only ones clever enough to make it explicit, you're not a homosexual, you are just experiencing same-sex attraction. It's an action that you should just stop doing...

Completely wrong, but I don't think it's any different to what most fundamentalist Christians believe. 

In my few days playing Ingress, I have noticed that the game is quite heavily stacked against new players. I look around and there are level 5 or 6 portals everywhere, giving me very limited ways of gaining AP in order to level myself up to the point where I can be effective, and the game is not so interesting when everything is too high level for you to touch. 

While this is probably a symptom of an augmented reality game, where you can't segregate low and high level players since they exist together in the real world, I think it makes the game a bit daunting for new players, which will make it difficult to attract more people to play. I hope something can be done to improve this and maybe the community here has some suggestions?

My ideas:
 - Make some portals weaker/stronger than others. Either inherently or as a result of conditions (such as number of links or population of adjacent mindfields). This way a low level player can take out a high level portal if it has no links. Also, this would add a bit of strategy and make the game more territorial.
 - Increased AP for taking out higher level/stronger portals. This will make it less attractive for high access level players to take out the weaker portals.
 - Some ability to gain AP from owned territory. Such as once per day gain AP from hacking friendly portals, more AP depending on portal level, number of links, mind units from adjacent fields, length of time held, etc. This way there is incentive to take and hold areas, and some small amount of AP that new players can use to gain AP even if nothing much is happening...

Anyway they're just some ideas, but would be interesting if people can think of others to make this game a bit more accessible...

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Apple are the world's best innovators, they would never dream of stealing ideas off Google... Hypocrisy at its finest  #BoycottApple

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Thanks for the free ice cream, +Androidland ! 
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Some of my favourite street art seen around Fitzroy
Fitzroy, Victoria
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