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SportsCenter - Lakers say Kobe Bryant diagnosed with a probable torn Achilles tendon, will undergo MRI on Saturday

SportsCenter - Injured Louisville guard Kevin Ware was last Cards player to cut down net after rim was lowered for him

stupid web cam

Trick or treating finally is coming on November 10
Who knew

where's the 50 mph winds were supposed to be having

I thought the election would be a lot closer than it was

I think Halloween's gonna be postponed. Metuchen already postponed it to Saturday so I think the same will happen to Edison.

Another day off from school! This is a dream come true. But now we have no snow days left.

Boy what a storm last night. Our shed got picked up by the wind and got thrown over the fence and part of it blew across the street. Hope the town of Edison will clean it up and take the shed away.

Just got back from vacation at 8 in the morning hopped in bed and got up at 3. Talk about sleeping in!
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