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The Mental Fitness Challenge
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Great interview and discussion on Purpose with Chris Brady...conducted by Orrin Woodward and Tony Cannuli on HBRN.
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Many of you are starting your last week of the Mental Fitness Challenge.  We want to hear your story! Go to the link below to submit your testimony!
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Thank you Orrin. What a great post. This is something I can start working on immediately. Thank you for the leading the way. 
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Many of you are tackling the eleventh resolution...Systems Thinking.  Here's a great video by Chris Brady.
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Very true!! Thanks for sharing this!
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Have them in circles
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An example of the power of the PDCA process Bob Rasmussen
As I was reading ORRIN WOODWARDS most recent outstanding book “RESOLVED” I could not help but reflect on the power of the success principles taught within this masterpiece. I am sure al...
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A great post on leadeship from the blog archives of Tim Marks.
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