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Get your ass over to japan and I'll see you live Kevin!
I can honestly say I never wanted to visit Canada before until now.
How odd is that?
Yeah, yeah, Canada is fine. But we're waiting for you in Bordeaux, France !

And, believe me, you'll eat and drink much better here.

Awww, come on. You love us, but you don't know it yet.
Awesome to see you post on G+. Got tickets to see you and Ralph in Philly in October. See you then sir!
Dear God I thought he forgot about G+ entirely.
When are you coming to KC or Wichita, KS?
By the way, you and Rogan were insane over the weekend!
HOLY CRAP! My brain almost exploded!! +Kevin Smith actually posted something on his Google+
it's aboot time, right, eh?
Agree with mr Adams up there he prob could reprise Heath ledgers joker
Nice - but will not get a chance to see you live until next summer :-( Time for a world tour with Jay, Scott and Ralph soon plz.
Here's hoping you guys make your way to the Carolinas.
Watch out for the "Bobbing Head Syndrome" bud..
Yes, Bring Hollywood Babble on to Toronto Sir !
Gah! Another reason to envy the fuck out of BC, first the weed, now this.
Red State HD from PSN purchased. Sorry for pirating Chasing Amy in the past. :kiss:
have fun in the land of Jackman eh.
OMG you are coming to Winterpeg!!!! OK ... just made a mess...
Jerad S
ZOMG he made a 2nd post? (still not verified)
Huh . well .. I found tickets for it at ticketmaster ...
Love the show, great stuff. Only one thing...... bring yourselves over to the UK! Getting to see Jay and Bob, HBO and a Red State showing = my brain exploding.
he's slightly shaped like one?
I loved the show in Kansas City, MO i think Yourself, Mewes, Jen, and Garman should all back i don't care which shows you do but i think KCMO needs some more love :)
Got my tickets for the Vancouver show. I'll be first in line. Promise.
Bring Jay and Silent Bob to Ann Arbor, love the podcast.
Don't miss "Red State" creepy good.
I love Mall Rat and been a fan ever since. Good luck on your new movie.Got a new pot movie I made. Come by and see it. This goes for anyone..who loves the green.
You should swing up to Anchorage next time you want to go north!
Sir I beg of you...come deep into the dry blowing hole that is Eastern Washington State. Spokane would love to have you in it's bowels!
St. Louis wouldn't mind a visit from you and your "crew".
i love jay and silent bob get old, i've listened from the very begining, you guys need to come to roanoke, VA.
I second the st. Louis suggestion by Scott!
Why not think out of the box and rather come to South Africa... :P
Now I have something to get my husband for his birthday. Tickets!
I still think it was mean when Bruce Willis called you "Dump Truck" in Die Hard 4. But I like how you got back at him by casting & directing him in your awful, awful movie "Cop Out". Well played, Kevin Smith, well played.
Jerad S
Ian Berg - If I remember my Kevin Trivia correctly... Bruce had asked Kevin what kind of funny trash talk he could say to Kevin during that scene, and Kevin told him a great number of fat jokes, though Bruce seemed to favour "Dump Truck". That being said Kevin Smith only directed Cop-Out he did not write it.
Hey. You know Mosier is on here, right? You might wanna add him. :)
Thanks Jerad. I have been corrected. Politely.
Kevin, Huge Fan! Love listening to Your Podcasts! When are you guys coming back to Vegas? Saw you last time with Babble On and looking forward to your next visit.
Please make an east coast visit to hailfax, I will do anything, yes anything to see you at the casino Nova Scotia, or the Rebecca Cohen. Set it in motion (Next OH canada tour should be an eastcoast run in toronto, montreal, halifax and maybe Newfoundland).
anything I can do to promote your project ...I am all in!
Wow Kev, looks like you dropped some serious weight since I last saw you.You look fuckin great. Way to go eh.
I have had my Winnipeg tickets for about a month already. Excited to see you on the 11th.
Come to maryland please snooch to the nooch chuckle heads. Snoogans
It musta got stoned and wandered off....probably sitting on Bret Hart's lawn wondering where it is and how it got there, just saying "Dude....dude....over and over again.
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