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Eye luv how around 8:25 @ the Quaternion is illustrated spatially as axial 𝕟 Thumb vector cross angular Ring finger turn φ fraction with 𝕟⊗ⅇ(φ∳) ∈ ℝ³ ⊗ ⅇ(ℝⅈ) = ℝ + ℝⅈ + ℝⅉ + ℝⅉⅈ = ℍ analogous to the planar circle-squaring natural complex logarithm δ ⅇ(φ∳) ∈ ℝ ⊗ ⅇ(ℝⅈ) = ℝ + ℝⅈ +ℝⅉ +ℝⅉⅈ = ℂ (or the curl + div arrows emanating around differential voxel cubes in vector analysis)!

Using +Peter Michael Jack's Maxwell Physics on amphichiral pentahexaquaternions ℍ☛⊗☚ℍ=𝕏 timespace this extends nicely to +Doug Sweetser's Weltformeling

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Thx +Smart Tools​
How Android became Google's OS for... everything! Read and share, won't you?

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On this day in 1972, our Apollo 17 crew caught this breathtaking view of Earth as they were traveling to the Moon. This marks the first time that astronauts were able to photograph the South polar ice cap:

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Forget //GHCQ.GO.UK/ and think of //BCIX.DE/ and P2P and go for // with +MrsScharzSchilling's //RegTP.DE/ and underground 

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+Amnesty International Deutschland
+Caspar Clemens Mierau
+Deutscher Bundestag ​
+Equality For All
+Gerd Juergensen
+Human Rights Watch Berlin​
+Ilja Schmelzer
+Jürgen Höhn
+Kerus Dieter Mazurek
+Marsha Linehan
+Okke Timm
+Renate Rampf
+Sabine Leutheuser-Schnarrenberger
+Tony Schmidt
+Vivian Westwood
+Xavier Nolan
+Yasemin Serbest

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How much is this in




❌ℹ🌍🔂 đþ🌄🌕📆 δτ💩🚲🚁🌅 💫🌀
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Schönes Cover der französischen Kollegen; ich freue mich auf die nächste TITANIC...

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‪#‎BlackFriday‬ - los geht's! Mehr als 200 Produkte mit satten Rabatten. Aber nur heute und nur so lange der Vorrat reicht: 

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