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Mike Miller
Curious Guy, MBA, Experienced IT Professional, Writer
Curious Guy, MBA, Experienced IT Professional, Writer

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My lifetime BLOG earnings to date are $14.85. That took just over five years. The last I looked Google won't cut a check until you reach $100. So, somewhere around 2046 I might be seeing a bit of cash. Given average life spans I might also be dead by then. It's all win for Google here. They get to hold on to small sums of cash from numerous casual bloggers and if they ever do pay out it is any a much reduced value in real terms.

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Google Ad Revenue or Where's My Money?
The post below is incomplete. I started it four years ago. In a sense it is the post that killed this BLOG.  To be clear, I was never in this for the money but reailizing that  A. Google is making the bulk of what little profit there is off of my work and B...

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I try not to be overtly political in what I post here for the most part. In this case though I'm not going to hesitate. This is a VERY good ruling. One that restores, at least for now my faith that policies that favor people rather than a small number of large established corporations can in fact happen. It's hard not to be cynical for the long term though.

I've worked in the technology industry for the better part of three decades. I've seen the modern Internet emerge and evolve. Net Neutrality isn't a liberal conspiracy. It isn't a plan by President Obama or anyone else to run the Internet. What it is, is the reaffirmation of the most fundamental guiding principal of the evolution of the Internet over the past forty years or so. Any individual or company that claims it is an impediment is arguing from a position that has no historical nor logical basis. We got where were are today in a world where until recently Net Neutrality was king. Short sited self interest is the only basis for opposing this decision. Too many companies are willing to poison the ecosystem they live in blinded by greed and an inability to realistically extrapolate long term consequences.

The recent erosion of Net Neutrality was and is very concerning. Companies like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, and on and on would have faced a much more difficult battle in a world where the playing field wasn't level between them and existing players with deep pockets. These companies have generated trillions of dollars for our economy and will continue to do so. New companies emerge every year that also contribute. The US has taken a lot of knocks economically over the past few decades. The one consistently strong sector has been technology and a large part of the growth from that area has been fueled by the Internet.

Make no mistake, this battle is not over and the long term outcome is far from certain. Vested interests will continue to push hard to get their way and they have both the money and the influence to carry the day. It's frustrating, but in a world where most people don't bother to educate themselves before forming opinions it may be inevitable. The fact that the long term outcome of this battle is in doubt at all is a damning indictment of the state of politics in the US today.

#netneutrality   #FCC

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It's far from certain that #Apple  will someday sell their own Apple branded cars, but I'm confident at this point that they are committing some serious resources towards that goal and that it makes sense.

Apple is fundamentally a design company. They have some interests in manufacturing but those are generally partnerships. They let other companies build their products. Given that it's not much of a stretch to see them following the same model in the automotive world.

Also keep in mind that Tim Cook is an operations wizard and that logistics and cost control are arguably Apple's greatest strengths in  the post Steve Job's era.

Building cars requires getting a whole lot of parts from all over the place to the point of assembly at just the right time. Relationships play a part in that dance but fundamentally there is no difference between getting an iPad assembled and getting a car built.

Throw in the fact that cars are heavily differentiated price wise and this has Apple's sweet spot written all over it. Assuming of course that they import talent that knows the auto industry and they appear to be doing that.

I suspect we're looking at a 2020 time frame if Apple decides to move forward with this project.

As an aside, as recently as eight years ago Apple's R&D expenditures were relatively modest. They have grown significantly since which is the sign of a company continuing to evolve. The Apple juggernaut may falter some day, but if they do it will not be for lack of trying.

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I don't know that I believe it, but it is a lot more credible than an Apple TV set. Why? Because there are high margin cars and Apple lives and thrives by selling high margin products. Why not a car?

TV's on the other hand are almost exclusively low margin commodity items.

Arguing against this is the fact that Apple knows nothing about making cars. They do have deep pockets though and Tesla managed to start from essentially nothing.

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It's been awhile since I stopped by here. My first thought was "Why are the borders on either side of my screen each wider than the posts in the middle?". 
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