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Scifi littered with fantasy and a touch of everything else.
Scifi littered with fantasy and a touch of everything else.

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Haven't had anything to say in a while, but that's because there wasn't anything worth saying. So for what it's worth, I finished the 1st draft of my second book, and have begun an entirely new project with much gusto. So, I'll see you around when that one's done. Liam Nolte (formerly Jack Thane [who needs a mask to hide behind anyway?])

Today is the start of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Victoria and myself (Kal) will be taking part, adding a new book to each of our series. We wish the best of luck to anyone else who will be struggling through the month with us.

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Oh look, more book ideas from Kal!

Last week I gave away two copies of my paperback, one on Goodreads, and one to friends and family. I was afraid that they might be won by people who only like free stuff and end up on backshelves somewhere, never to be read. I can happily say that both when to very excited readers, one of which was my HS teacher. We met, had coffee, and caught up. It was fantastic! The giveaways also gained a decent amount of publicity, including the 500 people who entered the giveaway on Goodreads. ~ Kal

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Sorry for the lack of updates over the past two months. Life, holidays, and editing has left us with nothing to present. If anyone is looking for something to browse in the mean time, I update my blog about twice a month at It includes bits of story information as well as occasional life updates. ~ Kal

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I am glad to announce a new member to the Forgotten Fiction team: V. M. Jaskiernia and her book series Larkspur, a Necromancer's Romance! Book 1, Clandestina, is available on Amazon in e-book form. Book 2 is in the works, and it already seems that it is going to be much longer than the first! I have read the story, and would recommend it to anyone interested in a beautiful mix of fantasy, romance, and death. ----- I apologize for the lack of updates and for not announcing this sooner. Work has consumed much of my life recently. ~ Kal

I am adding yet another book to the list, a book that will follow James beyond the events of book 3. It will dive into more than just time travel, but branching timelines, different decisions, and dead ends. As I develop these alternate timelines for my world's history, it becomes apparent how easily a simple choice by a minor character can alter the fate of a planet, and how a big mistake of a major one can doom multiple worlds. Unfortunately, that story will have to wait until this series is complete before I jump to anything else. ~ Kal

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I lieu of failed past blogging attempts, I have started a blog on reddit. That is probably not what most people would use it for, but considering that I am on reddit often and that there are already millions of people there, I figured it would be the best place to successfully maintain a blog. So far, so good. ~ Kal

I have been working on plans for book 5 in my spare time, and they are starting to come together beautifully. This book was meant to be somewhat more of a loner than the previous books, with very few details relating to the rest of the series, but while developing some of the ideas, things have once again spun out of control (in the best of ways). Book 5 has now become related to something much grander. It has become an introduction to the worlds beyond the edges of the Nihilian Universe. I just hope I am able to complete all that I have in store. Here's to the future. ~ Kal
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