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Bob Woods
Marketing, sales and business-development professional
Marketing, sales and business-development professional

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An interesting question, with an even more-interesting answer ...

Just curious ... how are you all integrating Google+ into your social-media usage (or strategy, if you use it professionally)? I'm finding it hard to remember to update here ... then again, that just might be old age.

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LinkedIn members facepalm over its Facebook-ian invasion-of-privacy tactic. Here's how to make it stop.

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I have to admit, it ruins it for me; kinda like when I was a kid and snuck a peek at all of my gifts before Christmas Day ...
Ha! Now I don't have to be ashamed of reading the last 5 pages of a book when I'm not all done...right? :D

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This dealership had better fear the power of teh Interwebs ...

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Outsourced sales and marketing services company ... testing any SEO benefits by marking this message public. Don't worry; I won't be doing this regularly. Now back to your regularly scheduled Google+ stream ...
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