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Business Owners Beware - Check Your Google My Business listings regularly

A scary Halloween tale of scammers brought to you by +Linda Buquet & the Local Search Forum!
A Horror Story: Check Your Google Local Listings - Don't Let This Happen to You!  A rather nasty problem surfaced in the Google Business forum. I wanted to share it here so folks are aware. (Excuse the scary title, but it's Halloween week and this is pretty horrific!)

At least one pro so far has reported having this problem on client listings. Has it ever happened to you guys?

ONE MORE THING TO CHECK - on live listings peek at the images to be sure crap like this did not sneak in.
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Hard working SEO Specialist Looking For a Grand Adventure!
If anyone knows any reputable companies looking for a smart, hard working, client focused SEO Specialist who believes there are no shortcuts to exceptional customer service, increased visitor traffic & conversions, please do send them my way.

I resigned from my current position today. On to my next adventure!
#neverbeenfired #alwayspromoted  
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Google Files Lawsuit Against Ranking Phone Scams

Finally! This is great news!
Robo Callers - Google is not going to take it any more - Files Lawsuit!  Thank GOD!  It's about time. Those scammers hurt not only businesses and legit Google partners, but Google’s reputation as well.  Thanks for the great news +Mike Blumenthal!

Some of you may remember, I recorded a scam call and posted it at the forum. When I confronted him about really being with Google (pretending I was just an SMB) he PROMISED me he was. Said he was sitting right at his Google desk.

THEN went on to threaten that my listing would be deleted if I didn’t pay to “boost” it. The call was hilarious and oh so sad at the same time. Most SMBs would have been scared into paying up.

I not only publicly outed him and the company, but I alerted Google to the post and the recording. What did I hear back? Nothing. But since they get these complaints ALL THE TIME at the Google Business forum, maybe they finally just had enough.

Whatever happened, I'm so glad it's finally come to this and hope they follow through and file suit against a bunch more.

Hey +Molly Youngblood Geiger this ones for you!  :-)
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Has anyone ever participated in a Google usability study before? Got an invite today.

Lol, it seems legit.
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Organic search results for business name in the MAPS?

Anyone else seeing this? (Ignore the obvious map spam, sigh.)

Looks like the maps are showing organic search results for the business name in the knowledge box. Could be dangerous for those businesses with generic keyword names.

If this is permanent, it reinforces the need for a fully completed GMB page with reviews. Having a completed, verified profile with reviews pushes down the organic search pane.

Hey all. Noob here with the Resistance. Living west of the city but work downtown. Oh & that is an old photo of me. Just look for the long haired guy glued to my phone bumping into metal trees at the market.

Best moment so far: After pulling into a church parking lot for the 6th time in 1/2hr, a next door neighbour yelled "Wtf are you doing?" I replied "Nothing creepy, I'm playing a game!" Not sure he bought it.

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Really digging Courtney Barnett. Thanks +Jimmy Fallon for introducing me! +Chris Sutton Between Courtney, Lanie Lane & others, I'm really digging the girls from down under in the last few years.
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Google or Not Google?

A client received a letter in the mail (snail) telling them to login & verify their listing. Never seen this URL & PIN format, but it looks legit?
PIN# format: AAA-BBB-CCC

My client already has verified GMB listings.

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GMB attached to a Facebook page?
I've never seen this before (or I've never noticed it). They don't have a website. If Google connects itself to a FB page would it connect to the next strongest presence if there was no FB page IE: Yellow Pages or a Youtube?

On a side note, they have a good citation profile!

U-Haul Rental Agencies
I have a storage client that also rents out U-Hauls. It looks like U-Haul has created map listings & citations using same address as the storage facility.

GMB listings created using the name "U-Haul Neighbourhood Dealer" (looks like a name violation, should simply be "U-Haul" unless they registered it)
Same address as storage facility
Different phone #
No separate Unit#

1) Would this be considered a violation of GMB as the business renting it out is not named U-Haul?
2) Do you think it would affect local rankings? Possible address confusion.

Love to get some input, thanks!
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