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Lex Robertson
Unknown entity. Anything 'known' will change without notice.
Unknown entity. Anything 'known' will change without notice.

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Days to drop: 21

Funds raised: just over 1k

2/3 of the way there, for those of you who were waiting until closer to the event for making a small donation - now is the time!

I'm getting nervous to go with the excited.

Some people have asked why Easter Seals so I wanted to mention about one of the programs Easter Seals runs that I find commendable; for children and adults with disability and medical conditions is Equipment and Support Services (ESS).

For over 60 years low-income children, adults and seniors have sought assistance from Easter Seals Alberta – a last resort agency. Easter Seals AB provides people with physical disabilities power wheelchairs, scooters, vehicle and home lifts and other specialized equipment to ensure they remain independent. As of right now, they have more than 56 outstanding requests in the province.

Please consider donating to this excellent organization as part of funding my drop:

5 weeks until the drop zone!

Quick plea:
I'm only 1/3 of the way to my fundraising goal so please consider a donation, every one helps!

Work has started on my shield agent suit, the pattern & fabric purchased.

Now I'm just hunting for the arm badges (as opposed to trying to fabric paint the logo on) so anyone with a line on a good place to buy geek badges (that isn't a con) pretty please reach out & share that knowledge.

Taste of Edmonton starts today and runs through next week, anyone wanting to join me there for lunch or supper should just message with their preferred dates. I'll be playing allergy roulette and avoiding cooking all week and company is always welcome!

So most of you know it has been a chaotic few months for me (and in some aspects it still is) but one of my goals for this year is to better practice gratitude.

So in gratitude for my limbs mostly working as expected, I am going to endanger them (kidding mom!) in support of others whose may not work exactly as planned.

I'm rappelling down the Sutton Hotel in Downtown Edmonton for Easter Seals. To donate, please follow the link below:

I am a fairly logical and intelligent person guys, why can't I make this one freaking decision regarding taking this upgrade contract or not?

It would give me challenging and interesting work to do for ~6 months but it is at a lower rate than I'd normally get for an upgrade project. I like the team I'd be working with, I like the location I'd be working from, and I like when the contract is currently set to wrap up.

But taking another contract from this client for under my normal rate seems backwards and I cannot shake the feeling it might be a mistake.

Someone do some evaluation of the ether & let me know the outcome?

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Jack shows off his loot from Santa on his new bed from auntie Sheryl and says he hopes you all are having as spoiled a Christmas as he is.

His human on the other hand will be away from the internet & her cell for a few days to recoup some mental space after all the recent chaos.

Even beings used to chaos can get over loaded it turns out.

I'm going to a fringe show, take #2

A Steampunk Burlesque
Monday August 18th in the evening

Anyone who wants to join should drop me a message.

Today's hat tip goes to +Jeremy Harany for being a great bike mentor (I now know how to operate my quick release tires & car rack!) & supervising my training ride with Jack today.

Jack did really well when the bike was moving but still needs to work on not trying to pull me over so he can eat the grass when we pass it slowly :-/

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Jack says:

Happy Female Pack Leader Day everybody!
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