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Chris Abraham
Social media marketing and digital PR strategist
Social media marketing and digital PR strategist

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Fully, generously, and even a little verbosely populating your website, your blog, your social media profiles, and your social media content is 100x more important to your success than “optimizing for search.” 

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How (and, to be honest, if) you, your brand, your business, and services, your products, and your colleagues are portrayed in a simple Google search is the most important personal and professional reputation there is because your Google SERP is who you are — and you really have nothing at all to say about it — until you do.

Google relies on global online content to come up with its search results. This is the truth. Unlike reddit or Wikipedia, Google isn’t micromanaged. Unlike Wikipedia’s restriction on creating and editing your own Wikipedia entry, Google welcomes all of us to contribute to all the links, text, content, videos, images, graphics, copy, tweets, posts, site updates, mobile-friendliness, and site-speediness that make up the entirely of your reputation online, according to Alphabet’s Google Search Engine.

Every unprotected tweet you make, every public post you make on Facebook, every blog you post, every page you add and flesh out on your website, every time you update your LinkedIn profile or Company Page, any time you upload a video to YouTube, making sure you completely fill out the title, description, and all the other stuff they request, every time you update your bios on your social profiles, each time you guest blog or participate in conversations on reddit or become an editor on Wikipedia — all of these things — are indexed by Google and contribute to your online reputation and heighten your chances of showing up on the first page of Google and actually controlling and dominating your online reputation.

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Civility is a collaboration. If you aren't civil yourself, you haven't earned a thing.

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S.E. Cupp is awesome. Seriously, don't walk past this brilliant interview on The President Show. This is the face of intellectual, thoughtful, conservatism. Her diagnosis of bridging the right and left is not positive. Tribalism abounds.

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You all know how I can never resist cruel military war analogies? Well, this latest of my blog posts certainly won't disappoint!

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If you’re doing influencer marketing right, you’ll have a lifetime relationship with your influential. And, like any family member or friend, relationships require consistent and attentive attention.

Likewise, if you’re selling high ticket items, especially products and services that require new contracts, new leases, refills, upgrades, or are pricey and powerful but highly commoditized, then you need to go well beyond simply selling widgets.

Every sale is an engagement ring that you’ve put on your prospect’s finger. The best salespeople in the world are wed to each and every one of their accounts. And, like marriage, you need to be on board for way longer than the honeymoon.

I swear this is true: started riding my 1995 BMW K1100LT to Baltimore from Arlington. Bike starts really chugging at idle. Stalls in 295 North traffic.

I keep idle high and get back to the Exxon on Pennsylvania, Southeast, fill the tank with regular thinking it's dirty (the cheapest fuel is often the cleanest in less poncy neighborhoods).

I head home but whenever I have a straightaway, I take each gear up near the 8,000 redline.

Running in second even on Rock Creek parkway around Kennedy Center and into the 66W exit to the bridge. Really revving so much higher than I'm generally comfortable. Really howling engine notes from that generally quiet 4 cylinder sewing machine engine.

Entering the bridge, I realise that not only did the rough idle and and chugging go away but my through the throttle power band issue solved themselves, too. I assumed it might be bad gas or an issue with flow or maybe a stuck something.

So, since it's a bomb proof K engine, I fixed it though magical thinking, though revving to redline all around DC, and by adding fresh low grade Exxon.

So lucky. I was just about to head down to Khanh Nguyen at Eubmw for some master mechanic help. So, what she really needed was to be ridden really hard and put away oily.

True story, swear to God.

I blame my strict devotion to magical thinking. 

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Right after I got home from getting TEE and Cardioversion at the hospital and my pulse and heart returned to sinus rhythm, I got on a call with my friend B and started to sing my version of Roar by Katy Perry because I was feeling strong again. It turned out to be an abomination and is something awful somewhere between Katy Perry's Roar and Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor. It's an empowerment anthem!

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Here's a recent podcast I was on: "Chris abraham of Gerris Digital on Digital Marketing, Earned Media, and Channeling Nina Martin"

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Chris Abraham and Frank Eliason join Shel Holtz for this week’s episode, commenting on the ongoing United Airlines crisis, continued interest in the new federated Mastodon social network, how PR would look without Twitter, Burger King’s subversive commercial that hacked Google Home and Wikipedia, and Burston-Marsteller’s ombudsman answer to fake news.
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