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Renewed Energy and Vitality (Feng Shui for Business)
Renewed Energy and Vitality (Feng Shui for Business)


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Some might say nothing or what a whole lot of B….t!! However, companies such as Sony, Coca Cola, Citibank, Proctor and Gamble and Shell would say "Everything"!

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IF EVERYTHING IS "ENERGY" - then how healthy is the #energy in your workplace?

"ENERGY" - in relation to a healthy business environment.
You know the feeling. You walk into a space and something hits you. there is an exciting vibe, a buzz, the people and theirsurroundings working seamlessly together. Or is it a space, where you instantly feel calm, focused and nurtured especiallyknowing you can leave the chaos outside where it belongs. We experience these feelings every day.
It is the missing link between mindset and productivity.

Thank goodness, with laptops and mobility we can choose that right space to be productive in, or to have quiet time for our own think tank. Maybe that is why we hear so many of us saying, how much we love the freedom of working where we want when we want - in the energy we choose.
As a business you need to create this feeling for your people.
What is Energy?

Energy is " The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity"

What if you began to look at your work place as having its own Life Force. As a place or space that is a "living being." All living beings need light and air, to be fed on a regular basis and a habitat with the right temperature. They need to be fertilised and pruned so they can expand and grow. They need an environment where they can "conserve" their energy ensuring longevity and the opportunity to germinate to produce new seeds. Too many times a business expels their energy externally trying to attract customers when it should be looking at energising its own "living being" from the inside out. In doing so it's unique energy and vibration will automatically attract an incredible line up of staff and customers.

Here are 5 Energy Inventory Items to check the Life Force of your business:
* The EntranceIs it de-cluttered, well lit and inviting so as the "Life Force" can flow into the space and move freely?Imagine the Life Force to be like a flowing river - not too fast, not too slow, so it moves without being stopped and becoming stagnant.

* What colours do you have in the space?Are they fresh or looking a little tired? Do the colours support the activity within the business?For an example - a splash of vibrant colours for sales and creativity and more subtle calming colours for counselling and legal matters.

* What is the air quality like within the space?Is it over populated with people? Does it have air-conditioning and heating that works properly? Windows to allow fresh air to flow?Is it further energised with living plants to increase the oxygen flow and are they placed strategically?

* Do you have a "heart of your business" space?An area that needs to be open and expansive where your staff are inspired to gather and share innovative ideas, creativity and communicate freely.

* Do you know the history of the building and or the previous occupants?If everything is energy then any negative thoughts, words, actions or stagnation can remain in a space unless they are clearedwith intention. It is very important to know how successful or unsuccessful the previous occupants of the space wereas this will have a direct impact on the success of your own business.

As a Feng Shui Master Teacher i have seen first hand amazing results when assisting businesses to clear and then activate the energypositively in their environment. It not only activates their people but also the life force of the business itself.


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10 tips on how to start a lasting “MEDITATION PRACTISE”

Sitting in True Silence
How many times have I hear people say, they want to “learn to meditate” but they have no clue where to start?   Too Many! There is a wide selection of methods available in the market place starting with the basic guided meditation.   While I totally support all of these options there is nothing like learning to sit in “true silence”.  In mastering sitting in “true silence” you have the chance to connect at a much deeper level with your soul, to the infinite answers and experiences that await you.  From astral travelling to connecting with your guides to finding absolute clarity around a situation or incredible creative inspiration – the insights are endless and extremely powerful.    

It has been one of the most powerful things I have ever done
I often hear myself saying that I am a “rebel” one who does not like rules.  I like to discover things for myself as I follow my intuition and I just know when something is right.  In my book “Magical Travels” I write about how my spiritual path was opened up and reignited on my first visit to Egypt.  Many weird and wonderful things happened to me back then and one of them was I kept being approached by strangers asking me if I meditated?  At this time I did not.  So on my return to New Zealand I promptly opened up the phone book (yes we still used them then!) and made a list of places I could learn to meditate.  I was on a mission – there had to be something in this as why had total strangers asked me if I meditated?  The rest was history – it has been one of the most powerful things I have ever done for myself for so many reasons.  It has helped me discover my clairvoyant gift, connect with my guides who work with me in my healing room and certainly provided answers in times of confusion.  

Follow these 10 key tips to kick-start your own unique MEDITATION PRACTISE. Trust in the process and do not put pressure on yourself to learn a “specific method”.  More importantly enjoy the process and the fact that you are making a commitment to improve your quality of life. 

1# Choose a time that works with your schedule – morning or night and try to incorporate it on a daily basis.  It takes three weeks to form a habit so work with this.

2# Designate a specific area within your home to sit and meditate.  A special chair with items close by that represent a “Zen Space” so as when you sit in this place you immediately know you will be relaxing with the intention to enter a meditative state.

3# Sit upright on a chair rather than lying down as it is too easy to fall asleep. 

4# Become conscious of your breath.  Take three deep breaths and slow your breathing down connecting with your physical body, breathing from the stomach and not the chest.  

5# Imagine a huge beam of white light (I like to think of it in the shape of a pyramid) coming from the god source shining down directly above you.  Know that you are in a safe place and only the highest of good will enter this space. 

6# Place your hands in your lap, one on top of the other.   Then imagine that the white light that is beaming down above you acting like an electrical current as it moves around in a circular direction from the top of your head down your left arm into your hands and back up the right hand side of your body.  You will begin to feel the energy as it flows.  

7#Allow all of those thoughts that are running around in your mind to float through. They will be fast at first.   Imagine yourself as the third party and you are watching them from a distance as they slow down.  Keep breathing and connecting with your body as you do this and eventually they will begin to disappear as you relax into the “silence”.  

8# As you allow your thoughts to slow down I want you to imagine being in a place that you absolutely love to be.  It might be at the ocean, in the forest, a garden or an exotic destination somewhere around the world.  If it is a place you love it will be easy to transport yourself there in your mind.  This will become the point that you enter your meditative state.

9# Learn to sit in silence - Learn to listen – in your minds eye as you travel to the place you love and begin to truly relax, your breath will slow down and you will “drop” down into an even more relaxed state.  Take note of any words that suddenly float through, no matter how small, or any colours you might see.  As you practice “sitting in silence” more will be revealed.  Be patient and trust. 

10# Speak to your higher self to your guides, to those in spirit – in your minds eye introduce yourself.  Have the “Intention” to connect with your higher self, to your subconscious.  Intention is the most powerful tool you have. Let your guides or those in spirit know how excited you are to be in this space.  

How long should I meditate for?
Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Ten to fifteen minutes a day is the perfect place to start.  When find your own rhythm you will easily extend this to 20-30 minutes without the blink of an eye. 

• Brings you peace of mind
• Anxiety levels are lowered
• Anti-aging
• Clarity and creativity given around what is happening in your life
• It supports and connects you to your spiritual path 
• Energises the chakras – bringing the physical body into balance
• Break through moments – some of the most successful people in this world credit meditation as the one tool that took them from ordinary to extraordinary.  

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TRUST!  Yes TRUST! And TRUST even more!

Intuition, ESP, PSI, Paranormal intelligence, high sense perception, the third eye, and the sixth chakra – whatever you choose to call it – is part of our natural human endowment.  It’s all right there in our genetic hardwiring. You just need to own it.  

Undoubtedly, some people are born better wired for it, so to speak, than others.  One thing is certain – whatever skill or stage you are currently starting with you can expand it considerably.  A little time, effort and commitment can make a huge difference.  

“It’s different from thinking, it’s different from logic or analysis … It’s a knowing without knowing.” Sophy Burnham
We have millions of thoughts pass through our mind each day
The first step in recognizing and connecting with your intuition means you need to learn how to listen to those thoughts, then action them.  This may be by way of speech or actually physically taking action.

Many times you hear a thought and think “NO” it cannot possibly be that!  This is that critical moment when so many people discard the thought and chastise themselves for even thinking it.  If only we trusted ourselves more.  It is those that do that heighten their intuition to great levels eventually connecting with their third eye, clairvoyant and clairaudient selves.  Operating at this level of intelligence enhances every aspect of your life and allows you to have more confidence, faith, adventure and a better understanding of the world around you. It also acts as a protective sensory system and warns you of any upcoming danger.  

12 Ways in which to heighten your Intuition:

1. Become the “third” party by observing your thoughts 

2. Tell your conscious mind that you will “Trust” the information that is being given to you, from your sub-conscious mind or higher self.

3. When a thought comes, close your eyes and ask for an image or a symbol

4. Try not to pre-judge –Trust

5. Ask for further information (in your minds eye) to confirm the initial thoughts

6. Action the information you receive no matter how left field it might seem. 
In doing so you will be given more.

7. Have confidence in yourself – understand that your higher self or subconscious wants to connect with you – it is on your side!

8. Do not worry if you interpret the message not quite at a 100% - get back on track and trust even more.

9. Practice makes perfect 

10. Meditate  - it will aid you in learning to listen and action your intuition

11. Let your higher self – subconscious  (and those in spirit) know how much you want to connect.   A powerful time to do this is when you set your intention as you begin to meditate.  

12.  When delivering or acting on an intuitive message, learn to read body language so as you can read the signs confirming the response of your intuitive message. 


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The Road to Success….

Is sometimes very unclear and uncertain but if you apply certain principals along side dedication and focus then everything becomes clearer. Like Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” For a new start into placing your life in order, contact Sharon Breslin today

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