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New wallpaper: Kepler. And Commander Keen for waiting lines.
#Nasa #keplar #CommanderKeen
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I've got a great one of Earth with the Moon rotating around the planet ;-)
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"...there are some culinary kales which are just so darned pretty, they're sold as ornamentals. With its upright habit, tightly curled leaves and deep purple color, 'Redbor' is probably the most stunning variety of kale you will ever see - and it's also edible."

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Think organic food forests on an epidemic proportion.
Then think of the most nutrient dense sources.
Who wants to go Johnny Appleseed on this...calling all hang gliders and hot air balloonists! 
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You may not be too much into technology. You probably don't go to Mashable and Huffington Post Tech every day. But that doesn't get you out of what may actually happen if the proposed Stop Online P......
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#comedy #nutrition #health #natural healing #holistic #depression
Using nutrition to heal the human condition; bananas, dates, kiwis, and orange juice to intimidate depression. Winning. Running; dominating victorious! Oh wait, digestion completed. Poop. Bummer time. [Canned laughter] 
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Hey climbers and beachgoers of #PointDume   ,
I lost an iPhone 3(black with shattered screen) between both the climbing faces of the cliff yesterday(Wed, Jan 29) while climbing. Reward if found.
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Contrast is ["God"].
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It was intended as raw thought-provoking inspiration. I have my assessment, but others could form their sense of it respectively.
However, here's my depiction:
This is non-material, entirely conceptual.
To solve the riddle of existence,
Contrast is how creation forms.

When there is anything different, there is the ability to define in three parts:
The one, the other, and the awareness.

Wherever there is two, a third becomes naturally present by nature of the exposed awareness created.

Two creates a third naturally.

Where there is black and white, they define their self and their counterpart, then can combine grey and then further articulations of greys.

The evolution of contrast then synthesis create further variety and an endless progression of synthesis.

St doesn't portray how non-existent experiences existent.

Nothing still begets nothing.

Still stumped at nothing to then something.

Any possibilities perceived?

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Jonathan Smith

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Does anyone here mention their personality type to potential employers?

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I used to produce a radio show, we all got tested. whilst i have never asked an employer directly, i did ask the guy (on-air) how i might explain that i was a genius (his word) to a potential employer and not sound like a loon. 
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Sign the Petition here.
Millions of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S.. Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Sena...
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How/where are you??? Love, Mamma
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Phil Bowyer originally shared:
A little something I did for "Blackout Day".
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