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We are organizing an international workshop on "The Future of Scholarly Communication in Economics"!  There will also be a special issue, edited by +Mark McCabe, in which papers from the workshop will be published. 

Please share!

#openscience #openaccess #economics  

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+Benedikt Fecher, Sascha Friesike and Marcel Helbing developed an interesting conceptual framework that tries to explain the process of data sharing from the primary researchers point of view. They "...conclude that research data cannot be regarded a knowledge commons, but research policies that better incentivize data sharing are needed to improve the quality of research results and foster scientific progress." (p. 1)

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Wichtig, nicht nur für die biomedizinische Forschung, finde ich die folgende Aussage:
"Let's be clear: with rare exceptions, we have no evidence to suggest that irreproducibility is caused by scientific misconduct. (…)
Instead, a complex array of other factors seems to have contributed to the lack of reproducibility. Factors include poor training of researchers in experimental design; increased emphasis on making provocative statements rather than presenting technical details; and publications that do not report basic elements of experimental design."

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Nice short guide for researchers
"This article offers a short guide to the steps scientists can take to ensure that their data and associated analyses continue to be of value and to be recognized. In just the past few years, hundreds of scholarly papers and reports have been written on questions of data sharing, data provenance, research reproducibility, licensing, attribution, privacy, and more, but our goal here is not to review that literature. Instead, we present a short guide intended for researchers who want to know why it is important to "care for and feed" data, with some practical advice on how to do that."

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Forschungsdaten zitierbar und auffindbar machen – Einladung zum zweiten DataCite Workshop

Zum praxisorientierten Workshop am 16. Januar 2014 laden die deutschen DataCite Mitglieder GESIS, ZBW, TIB und ZB MED nach Hamburg ein. Der Workshop richtet sich an alle Interessierten, die Forschungsdaten produzieren und verwalten, und insbesondere an jene Institutionen, die bereits Forschungsdaten über DataCite registrieren.

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I think I spider ;-)

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"Information für die Wissenschaft Nr. 61 | 30. Oktober 2013
Von Drittmittel-Druck, Antragsflut und sekundärer Währung
Internet-Dossier dokumentiert aktuelle Entwicklungen und Zukunftsdiskussion im deutschen Wissenschaftssystem und ihre Folgen für die DFG / Intensiver Dialog mit der Wissenschaft"

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Aus dem pre-print: "That’s the intent of this paper. My interest isn’t in building a case around the notion that libraries are essential, but rather, that it is essential for libraries to adapt to the ever-changing
needs of their community. We may not be essential if we can’t evolve. Instead of blindly clinging to legacy values and nostalgia, academic libraries need to be shape shifters. That’s our journey ahead."
“Academic libraries are encountering a critical inflection point. In our case it isn’t a single technology that is disrupting our established system, but a barrage of advancements in publishing, pedagogy, and user preferences. The landscape is shifting around us, and the future of scholarship requires us to develop new skills, design new environments, and deliver new service capacities. In short, we need new operating models.”

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Neues Arbeitspapier von +Sven Vlaeminck und Gert G. Wagner "Zur Rolle von Forschungsdatenzentren beim Management von publikationsbezogenen Forschungsdaten"
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