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Refusing to collude with the FBI and resisting enlistment into the agency’s army of informants and agent provocateurs is proving to carry hefty consequences. The most recent case of Yonas Fikre is the latest in a string of punitive prosecutions that demonstrate the US government’s eagerness to punish Muslims for their unwillingness to become the devils’ advocates.

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Mohammad Mahjoub on speaking tour, May 2012

For almost twelve long years, Mohammad Mahjoub, a torture survivor, has been detained without charge in Canada. He was held for lengthy periods in solitary confinement and later under house arrest. All on the basis of secret information which the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has admitted was likely obtained under torture. Now, for the first time in twelve years, Mr. Mahjoub is permitted to travel outsideToronto.

+Miriam Cowan

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Yonas Fikre candidly discusses the FBI’s failed attempt to recruit him as an agent provocateur, followed by the chillingly account of his subsequent arrest and torture in the UEA after the agency placed him on the no-fly-list, barring him from returning to the US. The details of his ordeal and evidence strongly suggest that Emirati intelligence arrested and tortured Fikre not only with the knowledge of the FBI but at their behest.

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For my brothers in the UK. Please show your support.

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What's it all about:

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ندعو الجميع لتغيير صورة البروفايل لمده يومين فقط تضامناً و دعما لإخوتنا ورفاقنا في سجون الكيان الصهيوني، دعما لصمودهم الاسطوري من أجل كرامتنا . اللون البني هو لون الملابس التي يفرضها الكيان الصهيوني على أسرانا البواسل، الشعار الموجود على يمين صدر الاسير يعني "شاباص" و هو اختصار لـ "مصلحة السجون الإسرائيلية"

A call to change your profile picture for 2 days as a sign of solidarity to our Palestinian brothers and sisters in the prisons of the Zionist regime.

The brown color is the color enforced upon our brothers and sisters by the Apartheid Zionist regime.

The tag seen on the right side of the prisoner's chest reads "Shabas", or Israel Prison Service in English.
أسرى الفلسطينيين | Palestinian Prisoners (12 photos)
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Solidarity with our imprisoned Palestinian Brothers & Sisters

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' I felt that you are with me, in my sentiment and inside my mind, as if you are a part of my heartbeats, steadfast and the blood that flows in my veins, opening all doors for me spreading clear skies around me, and unleashing your free childish voice after this long silence.

... run and then run again in the gardens of your long life, go forward and forward for nothing is behind you but the past, and this is your voice I hear all the time as a melody of freedom'

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'...I gave staff a sworn signed statement (under the penalty of perjury) that says that I did not pray with anyone else and that I prayed by myself. I asked them to...bring the Chaplain as an expert to testify on my behalf, and view the tapes of the outside camera which will show clearly that I prayed by myself.

[They] refused... and found me guilty and sanctioned me for two weeks of no phone and two weeks of no commissary. I told them the cameras will prove to you that I did not pray with anyone else, and they told me that they will not review any cameras or allow any witness and that their decision is that I am guilty as charged and that’s final.'

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'The Warden said that in the presence of several of her senior staff and other inmates that Muslims do not believe in God!!!. Now can someone explain to me how is it possible that the highest authority in this prison that houses close to 1,400 inmates with over 10% of them Muslims, and the Warden of the prison that has one of two units that are dedicated to housing Muslims inmates does not know that Muslims believe in God!!!'
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