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We have just released a new Beta version.  The biggest fix was an issue that crashed ASTRO when using the Text Editor on Android 2.3 devices. 

We have removed the AntiVirus engine from ASTRO FM for the time being. 

Thank you for testing the new ASTRO File Manager with security / antivirus included. Please share any feedback you have and if you can, please download and install the full FREE version of ASTRO Security Suite and give us any feedback ((or 5 stars if you like the protection it provides :) )

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Beta users:  We would like to point you to our post on Friday about our new beta release. A link to it is below, but the new features include a new security scan feature for APK's integrated into ASTRO, and our new product which is about to launch, ASTRO Security Suite powered by AVG.  Please take a look and test these. Thank you in advance! 

We have released a new beta that now includes support for # Intel's x86 chips.  There are other tweaks and fixes but most of them are backend fixes.  Please let us know if any issues arise.  

ASTRO Paid Users.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDBACK on the special offer we are promoting with a partner.  We have listened and there is a new beta out (v543) that paid users should never see the special one-time offer from Leef.  

However, the only way to test it if you haven't already killed the offer is to Clear Data for ASTRO.  That means you would also need to log back into any cloud accounts, but we would appreciate anyone who does test this for us and let us know that the special ASTRO user offer never shows up! 

Beta Testers,
THANK YOU for all your feedback the last 24 hours since releasing beta. We are looking into and working on fixes for these issues. If you are having similar issues to another user, please add those comments or +1 to their post so we can also better prioritize.  We should be putting out a new beta release in the next day with many fixes. 


Hello Beta Testers.  Our first Beta apk (version 4.3.512) is out.  We are starting off with a small number of new features for now (until we have Google’s whole Beta process down), but bigger features will be coming soon.

For this release we have:
* A new filter popup in the action bar to help find and sort things better.  
* Several stability fixes
* A fix for extracting some zip files that were not working.

Here is Google’s new Beta process:

1.   First you must click this link and click the button “BECOME A TESTER”. 
2.   Finally, visit the Play Store in a browser (it doesn’t work in the Play Store App yet).  Click the INSTALLED button, and confirm that you want to install.  This will download it to your device and you will receive the “beta” version.  

Let us know about any issues you find or any feedback you have for the new filter popup.


Beta Testers.  Thank you for your excitement about joining the group.  
ALL MEMBERS - from here on let's keep focused on topics around issues you are having with ASTRO, especially when you receive the Beta app.  Also, it is close to impossible to fix an error that doesn't have detailed information.  For example, ASTRO freezes doesn't help us.  But, "I am on Android 4.2 and every time I click on Gdrive, then choose the account, my screen freezes. I'm on a Galaxy S3."  That is helpful.  We have to recreate the issue in order to fix it. 

For those members who feel they are receiving too many emails about posts to the group:  Please visit your Page Settings, scroll down to Notification settings by Posts, Circles & Photos and turn off those that you do not need.

PLEASE don't turn off notifications about posts that the ASTRO team makes to you or you may not get valuable information.  Again, let's all try to keep the posts from this point on topics pertaining to making the product better!  

We will be posting instructions for becoming an ASTRO Tester and downloading the beta version on June 18th.  :) 
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