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Emily Esposito
Writer, peanut butter lover, traveler, cyclist.
Writer, peanut butter lover, traveler, cyclist.

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An article I wrote for +Avvo got picked up by +Seattle Magazine

Read about six young activists leading today's equality movement. 

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Have you read my most popular blog post? 

I taught in a small French city called Tarbes. At first, I thought there wouldn't be much to do. 

But, in all honestly, all you really need are a couple coffee shops, a bakery, and a chocolate festival. 

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Check out my handy guide about Teaching English in France, published on! #travel   #France  

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I taught elementary school English, so I got to play games and sing songs (and yes, I got paid for doing that). Here are three fun English games to use in your lessons! 

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Reverse culture shock can  be really hard, especially after spending a magical semester studying abroad as a student.

But, don't worry! You can still "live abroad" while at home. I share my three tips on Life After Study Abroad. Read on! 

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Looking back on my first lesson as an English teaching assistant in France - here's what worked best for me! 

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I'm on Amazon! 

I published a handy guide with a ton of tips, tricks, and lessons learned from my experience teaching English in France. Check it out! 
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