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The Middle and the End; A Day or Two Through Northern Spain and The Alps
What follows is a trip in pictures, with brief commentary from yours truly.  The Middle and the End; A Day or Two Through Northern Spain and The Alps  With Ehunmilak behind me I needed to reinvigorate myself and the trip.  I hopped on the bike as soon as ph...

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Hobbling Around Europe Part 1: Francia, Pais Vasco y Ultra Trail de Ehunmilak
Hobbling Around Europe Part 1:  Francia, Pais Vasco y Ultra Trail de Ehunmilak "We can make it if everything goes right.  We can make it if everything goes right."  I'm late as usual and Megan and I rush into downtown Prescott to borrow Josh's car to drive ...

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Fumbling Into Europe; Preperations for Ehunmilak
Fumbling Into Europe; Preperations for Ehunmilak I have never traveled through Europe.  When I was 17 my mother and I flew into France for two weeks and did the Paris thing.  Cigarettes and cafes and sightseeing.  I never went back as an adult, mainly for n...

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A Week In The Desert, & A Hundred Mile Run
I have been trying to focus on 100 mile runs for a while.  Last year I decided to hit the road on the motorcycle and run the Skyrunning series instead of the big summer mountain hundred milers.  I finished my year with an attempt at the 107 mile Mogollon Mo...

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Why I Ran: The 2015 Ultra Maraton de Caballo Blanco
Why I Ran. Last year (2014) I was extremely fortunate to have the
opportunity to travel to Copper Canyon (Las Barrancas Del Cobre) and
participate in what has come to be known as the Ultra Maraton de Caballo
Blanco.   Today with help from the race organizer...

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2015 is looking to be by far my most ambitious year yet.  Without further ado, my 2015 schedule. Feb 15/2015 - <a href=">Black Canyon 100k </a>- Arizona Mar 1/2015 - <a href="

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2014 Into 2015: Lessons Learned
2014 into 2015. A year ends.   A new
one begins.   A midway cancellation of a
hard hundred.   A tired skyrace.   An injury.   An FKT.   An offseason. A new
team.   New sponsors.   Cabin building.   Trailer livin.   European futures. 2014 is hard to put into...

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Part 6: Miles 5000-6734. A Last Ride Home.
Part 6: Miles 5000-6734.  A Last Ride Home. Sunday September 7, 2014 On the highway at 5am.   So cold.   Push into Bozeman.   Farewell
again.   Back to Livingston and de-thaw.   Pack up and head back down to Spuds and have
conversation.   I decide to go sou...

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Part 5: Miles 4000-5000
Part 5: Miles 4000-5000 Friday August 29, 2014 As soon as I started getting down about
Eastern Washington I started really to enjoy it.   Felt like I was suddenly in Nebraska.     Good day of sight seeing and traveling,
seeing parts of the country I usually...
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