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Some ask me what I've been up to all this year. This is pretty much at the center of it and all just starting. The best part is the people I meet at work, on our team but also all the exciting and excited Explorers that help us use Glass in ways we haven't thought of before and test it in the wild! 
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As usual, +Lasse Wassermann - blocked in Germany.  But as long as you will not be blocked, I'm fine with it ;-) .
the video is blocked? ah, fr the music? I can ask the guy to remove it. 
It's okay, Lasse, let it be.  It's our fate.
Makes me even more stoked to work on this team.
What? No secret cave entrance? (Even without that, this is so cool!!)
Magic, +Lasse Wassermann - today it's not blocked anymore in Germany.  How did you...? ;-)
Looks like a lotta fun!
Its blocked here too. Cause of our politicians.

But fret not, VPN ftw!
:-) not sure what you mean Shaheer...

Wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg.... 
Ich bin clueless as to what you wrote :)
If you want it, you can do it, Shaheer :-) .
Oh THAT! I know :)

In fact, I'm doing it now.
Btw, Lasse - I meant "Youtube is blocked here". :)
No borders.... WITH a VPN! :D
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