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Sudo Make Me An App
Cool stuff made by a geek couple.
Cool stuff made by a geek couple.


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Our new app for photo enthusiasts just hit the digital shelves!  With Sudo PicRemove, you no longer need to worry about running out of space on your device, so you can snap away to your heart's content. This app allows you to painlessly clear old pictures that are just sitting on your device taking up space.

Photo management is hassle-free: once you reach a certain threshold, the app will let you know it's time to clean things out. Once you clean up, images go to a trash bin for temporary holding where you can rescue any pictures that you want to keep on the device. Reclaiming your space is now a single tap away. You can even unlock the ability to have the app keep your device clean of old photos automatically.

Please help us spread the word!  :)  -Melina

We discovered a bug affecting some international users of Sudo QuickLaunch. We've already pushed out a new version to fix the issue, so look for the update to go live in the Play Store in the next few hours. Thanks to everyone for their patience and especially those that helped us with testing.

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Those of you with devices running Jelly Bean are about to get a fantastic new way to launch apps almost instantly from any screen.  It works just like the Google swipe-from-Home action, but gives you shortcuts to your favorite apps instead of just Google Search.

No root required.  Zero ads.  No DRM.  Zero permissions.  What else could you want?  :)

Show your support and grab it in the Play Store here!

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Sudo Make Me An App is proud to announce a collaboration with +Day in the life of G+ to bring you an app which makes participating in the photo events a snap.  The app automatically sorts and displays only photos which are eligible for the most recent event, allowing you to take part with just a few clicks.  And for those of you concerned with privacy, have no fear - the app does not upload anything automatically or without your permission.  *You* choose only the images that you want to represent your point of view and let the app take care of the rest.

Get it here and take part in the fun!

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With the release of our two latest apps, Sudo Make Me An App now has four apps available in Android Market (all free!). If you haven't seen them all, why not click through and check them out? You might find something you like!

Choose Your Path:

WiFi QR Share:


Stack Search Interface:

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Calling all geeks and developers who rely on Stack Overflow!

Want a quick and easy way to search SO natively from your phone? This app adds that ability to the list of searchable items built into Android. Just enter your search terms and hit the new option "Search Stack Overflow for" (as opposed to "Search Google for" or "Search Phone For"). The results will open with your default browser just like Google search results do.

As usual we've kept it small (under 100 kb) and light on permissions (none). If you find our work useful or think you know people who might, please help us spread the word and consider leaving us ratings or feedback in the Play Store!

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Sudo Make Me An App is all about making your life better and easier. To that end, we've decided to take on badly-formatted websites that are a huge headache to read on your phone and make them a little less annoying.

Thanks to the intents system on Android, now you can share a page or article from any browser to AndReadable and watch it open a beautiful lightweight version of the page powered by Readability, with all the content you care about intact. No more ads, no more distractions anywhere else on the page, just what you came to the page to see in the first place.

Do yourself a favor and give AndReadable a try! With zero permissions and a tiny footprint, you owe it to yourself to improve your browsing experience. :)

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Germans seem to really dig WiFi QR Share!

WiFi QR Share has had more written about it in German than any other language.

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We pushed out a WiFi QR Share update last night. We thought the old Android dropdown menu buttons were kind of ugly so we updated the interface elements to look more like Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

We also added Cloud Print integration so that Google Cloud Print users can print a QR code directly from their phone.

We hope you'll like it!

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We made a little video recently to show the user experience for WiFi QR Share on a rooted Android phone. No configuration required. Everything is as automatic as possible.

To make our point, we don't even have the app installed at the start of the video. :)
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