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Dairy - July 2016, week 3
It’s not often you see a ‘rogue artist’, but a visit to a local Country Fair introduced me to a guy who was claiming to sell ‘originals’ but they were actually canvas prints in a frame!
Fraser MacIver joins SOTE Gallery with his collection of paintings and drawings of the Argyll peninsular and cartoonist Adelaide Izat explores the potential of giclée prints for her work. More artist are requesting our  free ’Quality’ display for their exhibitions - it helps buyers understand the quality/longevity of giclée prints.
Well, the fallout from Brexit has started to hit us with Hahnemühle increasing their prices from August. Its understandable with the drop in £ value, but we’ll try to hold our prices for as long as possible.
It’s good to see a young aspiring artist enter the art world, even if their grandparents paid for the prints! Alexandra Gumn’s ‘Della & Delilah’ shows great promise (picture).
We’ve had to postpone our Open Day in August due to work on the Solar Panels covering the studio roof. However, its business as usual in the studio, despite the scaffolding.
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June 2016 - week 3
A positive start to the week with more original art from Lucy Grossmith to scan and print, plus we ‘digitally restored’ a wonderful 1910 painting of a violin and bow.
Then there was a rush job for a London client, a picture of Eton School. It had us working late, but it was for a special present so it had to be done.
The week also saw more success for our SOTE Gallery exhibitors, and just goes to show you can sell fine art prints online if you get your marketing right.
We also heard that the botanical prints we produced for Lesley Ann Sandbach are now going to the Garden Museum in London. All in all, a very good and busy week… until Friday.
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The Limited Edition dilemma… Being the first person many artists speak to when they embark upon the idea of selling prints, I get  asked a lot of questions. One that often crops up is, “Should I do Limited Editions?”  Quickly followed by, “What’s the differ...
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