Update to easy2boot instructions from episode 22

Hi guys thanks for all the great work, I wanted to simplify the instructions for easy2boot as it is something a distro-hopper like myself finds extremely useful. While playing around with the instructions from episode 22 I found that I could only get the drive working Windows. But then I ran into some instructions on the easy2boot website that helped me stay away from that dirty Windows software lol. The instructions I'm about list can be found in the readme in the software and some harder ones at this url http://www.rmprepusb.com/tutorials/114. The software contains a script that can be run to automatically format the drive, move over necessary files and install bootloader. Here we go...

1. Download Linux Iso files
2. Download and extract easy2boot (here is the link http://www.easy2boot.com/download/)
3. CD into folder from extracted files called linux_utils which can be found by navigating to ISO folder, then to docs folder, and finally linux_utils
4. Next will in that folder run the following 2 commands
sudo chmod 777 *
sudo ./fmt.sh
Then follow instructions in the terminal.
5. Finally move desired ISO files into folder called Linux which can be found by navigating to ISO folder and then Linux from main directory. (note I don't like using defrags as it doesn't always work and you may get a contiguous error when booting) I've noticed it best to add files one by one or select all the desired ISO files and move them at one time. I've run into errors when starting to move one and then adding another before the previous has finished. If I decide I want to remove an ISO I usually just start from the beginning of this process to avoid errors.

Using these instructions I've had almost 100% success cresting these drives. If you are a masochist and want harder instructions without a script follow the link I posted above. Enjoy!
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