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This cautionary tale told through an experiment that clearly shows how quickly and widely junk science can be spread. Many times, such things are harmless, other times they lead to fads, and too often they can do the opposite of what they advertise, or worse, cause harm.

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Pregnancy loss is a dimension of motherhood that is often avoided and overlooked, as this article illustrates. Largely because of this same phenomenon, women and families frequently do not receive adequate support or information regarding their options when they are experiencing a miscarriage. There is a robust evidence base that, barring a few conditions or circumstances, women should be counseled on and able to choose whether to watch-and-wait for the miscarriage to happen on its own, take a medication to accelerate this process at home, or to be able to have a procedure in an office setting. Very few situations actually require a procedure (often called a D&C) in the operating room, but this is the norm. The other 3 safe options permit presence of support persons, offer elements of control, and are more affordable. Research has shown women are more satisfied when they are able to choose the best method for them.

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Celebrating mother's everywhere!

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With Radiance Women's Wellness, you can experience the midwifery model of care whether or not you are pregnant or seeking pregnancy. Tara Cardinal, CNM, ARNP, offers women's health and wellness care across the lifespan. She focuses on women's health care in general and not specifically on attending births. In addition to routine wellness exams, family planning or problem visits (menstrual irregularities, infections, etc.), she provides care in pregnancy, postpartum and lactation.

Sometimes women who choose Radiance Women's Wellness for prenatal care do not know what type of healthcare provider or birth setting they would prefer but they desire to initiate prenatal care early. Other times, they plan to move or relocate prior to giving birth and will need to change care providers anyhow. Others receive care from a licensed midwife, but need medications in pregnancy or the postpartum period. Examples include those experiencing a urinary tract infection in pregnancy, a breast infection in the postpartum period or those needing family planning services such as an IUD.

You can learn more about why you should choose a midwife for your well-woman care at Our Moment of Truth. The midwifery model of care is inherently woman-centered and you can experience it even if you are not desiring pregnancy. Visit today to learn more and to schedule an appointment or call (206) 660-1680!

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In order to protect the intimate connection experienced through breastfeeding, it can help to know which substances to avoid. This article from offers an excellent review and several resources too!

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Did you know fertility awareness can help you know more about your cycles and your body while facilitating efforts to achieve or prevent pregnancy? Several methods exist and now are being transformed from beads and paper charts to apps that may make tracking your cycle's vital signs more convenient! Enjoy this article from BEDSIDER.

Radiance Women's Wellness will work with you to learn more about how fertility awareness can support your optimal health and well being. Schedule an appointment today and experience the difference! Located within the Revive Wellness Center in the Seward Park Neighborhood of South Seattle.
(206) 660-1680

For medical advice,  please seek the care of a qualified health care professional. Before sharing any sensitive health information with any app, it is recommended you review and accept the privacy policies.

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South Seattle's Radiance Women's Wellness brings you Wellness-on-the-Go!

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Welcome and Happy New Year!

Radiance Women's Wellness is accepting new patients in 2015!

Whether you are looking for help with a new problem or would like to establish long-term care with a women's health provider, Radiance Women's Wellness offers many services across the lifespan.

Located in the Seward Park neighborhood of Seattle, Washington just blocks from Columbia City. Flexible scheduling is available, including evening and weekend appointment options.

Visit to learn more!

Call now to schedule your complete annual exam, obtain recommended blood work or lab tests, your routine pap test for cervical cancer screening, to discuss family planning options, obtain a birth control refill, infection screening and treatment, and so much more.

Radiance Women's Wellness is caring for women across the lifespan and looks forward to seeing you soon!
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