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Creativity Through Adversity
Hi there, Crafty Neighbors!   I’m sure some of you are probably wondering what happened to me, and why there have been so few updates to my blog over the last few months.   Well, let me tell you…earlier this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer.   To be ...

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Guess what's on the calendar for Crafty Neighbor????

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More Fun with Friends
I just spent three days milling about the Great American
Scrapbook Convention with Jennifer and Marion.   I don’t remember if I’ve mentioned them before, but they are sometimes
volunteer “helpers” for various projects I’m working on, particularly my scrapbo...

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Watch Out for Convention “Deals”
I just wanted to keep this short and sweet to tell you about
a little discovery I’ve made.  You see,
I’ve learned that you can’t always trust the pricing at conventions.  I know…I know…we all go there expecting to
lots of swag for very less than we would pa...

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We Pause for a Brief Commercial Message
Today I am in Promotion
Mode.   That’s what happens when I
have a lot of events and they aren’t filling up as fast as I want them to, or I
just haven’t had time to take care of promoting them like I should.   Usually, I try to spread it out.   I don’t want ...

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Accidents Happen
Let me start with an apology.   I struggled a bit with Friday’s blog post (technical difficulties) and as a result, I got in a hurry and sent it out without checking for
typos!   Oops!   I am usually much more diligent than
that.   I did correct the errors,...

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Everything's Coming Up Aggie!
You may have wondered why I haven’t been posting as much
lately.   I blame my son.   He just had to go off to Texas A&M
University, an institution that some my claim is a cult.   Well, sure enough, I drank that maroon
Kool-aid right off the bat, so I am jus...

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Hey there!  Can you help me?  I need some reviews on Google!  If you have traveled with Crafty Neighbor Travel, can you please follow this link to give me a review? 

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Happy Easter!
I just wanted to share a quick post to show off these cute
napkin folds I’m going to use on my Easter table.  The folds were inspired by this video I found
posted on Facebook. The original poster used a paper napkin, but I did mine with
cloth napkins.   You...

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Hey there all you Pit Bull fans!  Here's your chance to party with Mr. Worldwide himself -- in person!  Contact me for details!
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