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Ruby Chua (miaka)
Beauty blogger cum cat lady!
Beauty blogger cum cat lady!

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Lumiere De Vie Needle-Free Serum for a 'no needle' treatment!
I always believe no one is perfect, especially in our looks. In all honesty, I also embrace my imperfection such as the acne scars on my face and the laugh lines on my face. However, as a woman, it is in our humane instinct to just wish that we can look bet...

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Coffee addict
Are you a coffee addict? I know I am and I know I need minimum 1 cup of coffee per day to stay sane at time, hahaha. Any type of coffee works for me. Latte, long black, cappuccino, flat white, kopi-o, kopi-c, AS LONG AS it's not 3-in-1. In my opinion, 3-in-...

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Motives Pressed Blush in Dreamsicle
Further to the review of Motives Mineral Blush in Empress previously , today I will be reviewing another blush from Motives. It is none other than Motives Pressed Blush in Dreamsicle. Motives Pressed Blush in Dreamsicle is a warm toned peach blush that come...

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Motives Collagen Core Lipstick in Motivated
What do you do if you often has chapped lips that makes you afraid to put on lipstick because your lips just kept flaking? I have this problem and will always need to apply lip balm before putting on my lipstick. If you ladies have this same problem as me, ...

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Cooking healthy lunch in office with electic lunch box
Ever since I shifted out from my parents' place, it's common for me to eat my meals outside in coffee shops, food courts and restaurant because of the time constraint I have to cook my own meals after work. As for weekends, I also find it a chore to cook an...

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My choices of body care
I am not usually a person who bothers much with body care mainly because the humid weather in Singapore does not dry out my skin as much. Even though I work and sleep in air-conditioned room everyday, I am not someone who lather on body care products often ...

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Motives Mineral Pressed Blush in Empress
What make up items do you ladies not live without? For me, it would be base (primer, foundation), blush and lipstick. The reason is because I usually do not have the time to do much eye make up when I rush out for work so I just want very basic products to ...

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How to switch your skincare
Hi all, it has really been a while and I apologize for the lack of updates in this small space of mine. Life just catches up with us and we have other priorities that we need to attend to. I would certainly continue to update this humble blog of mine and wo...

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Topshop Singapore
Popular British multi-national fashion retailer, Topshop has been a popular brand that I will always go to because I really love the petite range that they offers to short girls like me. We are always spoilt for selection because of the wide range of select...

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Soak in Korean Fashion with ZALORA
I have always been a fan of J-Drama when I was a teenager and as the years go by, the K-entertainment industry has boomed out of nowhere creating a hype both in the entertainment and fashion industry. Everyone wants that lipstick that was showed on this dra...
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