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Mike Arnesen
Founder, CEO, and Head Geek at UpBuild
Founder, CEO, and Head Geek at UpBuild

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Of sunsets and swells
"I’ve had this anniversary as a recurring event on my calendar for a while. I’m not sure why but I’m glad that it was there to remind me. It’s allowed me to reflect on the impermanence of things, how expectations shape our happiness, and how potentially great things either realize their potential or go down in flames (flames, either publically visible or hidden)." Read the full post on my blog.

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Super stoked about my latest post on +Moz. My goal was to break down why and how you should use itemref and itemid in your structured data implementation. Check it out or maybe just bookmark it for later! 

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Getting a little philosophical in my latest bog post. 

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The latest in my chain of questionable blog topic choices. ;-)

We'll Lose Every Client
As a new agency founder, nothing could have prepared me for the number of sleepless nights I’d spend worrying about losing clients. Thankfully, that’s not an issue anymore because I’ve realized that we’ll lose all of them.

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What would I do if I only had 2 hours per month to work on a site's #SEO ? This 24-part blog post series aims to find out! 

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Will Google's new live blogging carousel be a "big brands" playground forever, or will they open it up to the masses sooner than later? I'm interested to find out, but in the mean time, let's explore what's been announced so far! 

New post from +UpBuild today. 

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Google's recent announcement regarding live blog structured data got me thinking, so I tried to live blog my thoughts on it.

Thanks to +Aaron Bradley for breaking the news here ( earlier this week. Your thoughts were super insightful, as always. 

I was also interested to realize that it looks like Google's only supporting JSON-LD on this one. I actually developed my own custom macro with the intent of being able to input liveBlogPosting markup into a post's source as I went along. Then I realized that, duh, JSON-LD should go in the <head>, and I scratched that approach.

Any regular live bloggers have any thoughts on this new development? 

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Join us!
One week until the Semantic Search Marketing Open Forum on Google+ -

Got a question for our panel?  Ask at the link above, or on Twitter by using the hashtag #SemSearch .

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I had an absolute blast speaking at #StateofSearch today on "Punk Rock SEO".

You can check out my slides on SlideShare or ready the blog post here:
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