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There's a new Google+ Exporter release 1.6.0

This release enables you to download images attached to any downloaded post and avatars of comment and post authors, useful in cases you remember just an avatar and not a name.
Here's how to use this new feature

Refresh (re-download) of all G+ feeds is highly recommended and necessary in case you'd like to download images for posts already downloaded by previous versions of the application.

Download from

* IMPORTANT we recommend to refresh (re-download) all G+ feeds to complete a list of images for download and to make sure no post comments are lost during the feed refresh in case the comment author G+ account is deleted.
* NEW Image downloader
* FIXED Blogger post comments longer than 4000 characters are split into more comments to make sure the Blogger service accepts the import file.
* FIXED all posts may not have been downloaded in some cases, usually when a download of a one or more posts failed.
* FIXED support for photo album posts. Some downloaded photo album posts were missing images.
* FIXED YouTube links with attribution_link are converted to a valid YT URL for WP and Blogger exports.
* FIXED Google+ accounts detection

#GooglePlusRefugees #GooglePlus #Google+ #DataLiberation #DataExport
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+Maxime Golubchik +Joshua Blackketter +Perttu Vedenoja +Nick Kuntz +Chris P. I’m sorry for missing the session this morning.

I'm stupidly awake right now and I could run a session of my Irregular Stonehell game. I already have 1 person who could play!

I'm stupidly awake right now if anyone wants me to run?

XP & Loot.

Session 1 adventurers; Rolf, Aloressa, Goldilocks, Gregor (with henchdruid Conge' taking a 1/2 share), and Brax (with torchboy Eddard)
-Loot: 20gp of platinum residue in lustrous thigh bone. P.C.'s get 3gp, 6sp, and 3cp worth of platinum and 3XP. Conge gets 1gp, 8sp, and 1cp worth of platinum and 1XP.
-Things killed: 1 Giant Python, 6 lustrous undead skeletons. P.C.'s get 92 combat XP and Conge' gets 46 combat XP.

Session 2 adventurers; Rolf, Aloressa, Goldilocks, Gregor (with henchdruid Conge' taking a 1/2 share), Lil' Bow Wow
-No XP'able loot!
-Things Killed: 17 lustrous undead skeletons, 2 shuffling undead with green eyes). 101XP for P.C.'s. 50XP for henchdruid Conge'
-Some weapons though: 2 suits of plate mail, 3 suits of chain mail, 1 suit
of leather armor, 4 shields, 5 daggers, 2 crossbows, 24 quarrels (some used), a long sword, a magic axe+2 [can detect subterranean locusts in 100' INT 1, no communication methods] a magic long sword+2[INT 3 no communication method], a magic longsword+1 [INT 3, no communication method, but is silently happy when you punish murderers], magic silver hammer +1/+3 vs. magical creatures [INT 5 Empathy totally Lawful and likes defending organized and peaceful lands against the incursions of Chaos, confused by, but likes Aloressa].
-Also, 3 potions of extra-healing, 12 flasks of holy goldschlager, a scroll of bless, resist cold ×3, continual light, and striking ×2.

Session 3 adventurers; Donall McDonall (henchweenies Stan the Magic Man and Polg each taking a 1/2 share), Tristessa, Rolf, Tiny S. Olafson, Gregor (with henchdruid Conge'), Aloressa, Goldilocks.
-Loot: 25 gold ingots weighing 50lb and worth 500gp each, 1,750 gp worth of new-forged ingots. P.C.'s get 1,676 loot XP and henchdudes get 838XP.
Foes Slain: 4 shuffling green-eyes, 5 lustrous skeletons, 6 normal icky skeletons, 2 zombies, 3 twisted leaders with level drain, 1 cursed ancient spirit called K'Taulut. Each P.C. gets 132 combat XP and henchweenies get 66 combat XP.

+Brad Black +Jesse Goldshear you two having been trapped in there with everyone else can grab your bodyweight in unrefined gold ore and gain XP for it. Each 100lbs of ore produces 50gp worth of gold. If you have other ways of getting ore out, like an interdimensional space, or very strong and communitarian fleas, let me know.

+Jesse Goldshear +Brad Black +Nick Kuntz +Joshua Blackketter +Maxime Golubchik +Cullen +Jeff Rients +Chris P.

Y'all can figure out who wants magic weapons or just let people who don't have any yet get first dibs to be decent.

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+Brad Black +Jesse Goldshear Lil Bow Wow and Brax are free to leave Stonehell, as the the temporal distortion is no more.

Err, was there a way to save community post and responses or am I going to have to brute-force it?

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