Political Correctness Is a Threat To National Security

There should be no harm in performing an investigation of the infiltration of radicalized Muslims&Muslim Brotherhood in our military and federal govt. It is a matter of national security and should not be taken lightly nor ignored. Look what happened when political correctness ignored Nidal Hasan. He ended up going on a rampage and killed 13 soldiers and one unborn child on a MILITARY base while yelling 'Allah Akbar'!! He had contact with known extremist Awalki! How soon before these 'sleepers' are awakened to turn on our own people again??
'100 radicalized Muslims in U.S. military'

Five members of the House of Representatives have come under bipartisan fire for requesting an investigation into government personnel who may have troubling ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

But as the call for a probe is roundly rejected, Act for America founder Brigitte Gabriel says such an investigation is badly needed. Gabriel details some of the reasons Abedin’s position concerns her, and she believes there are many others in the government worthy of further scrutiny. 
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