MUST WATCH:The Muslim Brotherhood and US Policy-A Threat To America

.....they are infiltrating&undermining our national security through CAIR and the pandering by the current administration is emboldening our enemies. Egypt is the latest example with the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. How Obama embraces Islam's Sharia agenda is covered in this report by Andrew McCarthy and The Center for Security Policy. Download the free report/curriculum at "The Muslim Brotherhood in America The Enemy Within".

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The Center for Security Policy and Andrew McCarthy express their views. YOU MUST WATCH THIS!
For nearly a decade since 9/11, America’s national security establishment’s understanding of the threat of Islamic terrorism and its approach to contending with that danger flow directly from a conviction that they have nothing to do with Islam, except to the extent al Qaeda “perverts” or “hijacks” that religion. But what if this characterization of the problem we continue to face is simply and utterly wrong?  What if there actually is a direct tie between what recognized, mainstream authorities of Islam call “shariah” and the jihad (or holy war) it demands of adherents, some of which is manifested as terrifying violence? What if, in addition, jihadists engage in non-violent – and, in some ways, far more insidious – efforts to accomplish the same goal: the supremacy of shariah worldwide under a caliph?

These questions have been the focus of an intensive six-month study by a remarkable group of highly accomplished civilian and military national security professionals. The results are in Shariah: The Threat to America.

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