Happy Declaration of Independence Day

We the people have the power and right to stand for freedom because our Declaration of Independence protects our inalienable rights to 'life, liberty&to pursue happiness'.  These freedoms were granted to us through our Creator,not our government. Our Declaration of Independence protects us from tyranny, while our Constitution limits the powers of the government. When our government no longer respects our Constitution we must defend it and our inalienable rights. Just as our forefathers did against the tyranny of King George, we are the ones who must defend our God given rights from the tyranny of  Big Government. How are you going to defend our freedoms?? Will you be one of the 3% who helped free us from tyranny under King George or will you remain silent? Our first battle will be at the voting booth in November 2012! What follows will depend on how you vote. Stand up for freedom and fight for it, only two men have died for us...the soldier who sacrifices his life for our freedoms and Christ who died to save our souls. Don't let either of their deaths be in vain! Happy 4th of July....May God Bless the USA!

Below is an excerpt from an interesting article on how our God given rights were declared through the Declaration of Independence. 

The Biblical basis for the Declaration of Independence and the history:

The phrase “laws of nature and nature’s God” historically stretches back hundreds of years from Jefferson’s pen to the writings of Locke, Blackstone, Coke, Aquinas and the Apostle Paul. The phrase “laws of nature” refers to the natural law (Law of the heart) which God placed into mankind. The “laws of…nature’s God” refers to the Scripture. The two are different sides of the same coin. These two phrases cannot be traced back to the Romans or the Greeks! The Declaration committee made sure that the Bible would legally be a part of the American system. This explains the the Secularist’s unyielding, undying, inexhaustible obsession to rewrite history, invent meanings that did not at the time exist and put words, ideas and thoughts into the Founders’ mouths impossible for them to have at the time.

The term “self-evident” is a term which believers have used since about the Eight Century and became prominent around the Twelfth century in theological discussions. In actually, the term is found in Romans 2 of the Bible. Self-evident refers to knowledge (first principles) which are self-evidently known because God has placed this information in our hearts to guide us. Natural Law. The term is never used by the Greeks, Romans, Epicureans or Stoics. The term for law the Stoics used when they did mention this phrase was not the term they used normally for self-evident.

The Declaration of Independence and Constitution are not documents of equal importance. The Declaration is of greater importance because (1) it is the founding document of our nation, (2) it provides the moral basis of this nation and (3) it is the mother of the Constitution. This is not to degrade the importance and power of the Constitution but merely, to put the two into the right perspective.

Happy birthday! Here’s to many more! For God, Freedom and Country.
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