Liberals don't like to hear Obama may be a Muslim

Obama is said to have told the Egyptian Foreign Minister he's a Muslim,but liberals don't like the evidence as shown here:
So instead of disproving it, liberals say I'm just a bigot &use personal attacks, typical of liberals who can't use any facts.

I shared the following and they still insist I'm a bigot, yet they don't see the bigotry and naivety in their own support for Obama.

I've heard Obama say he's a Muslim before... 
Then liberal reporter Stephanopolous covered for him

Here is more evidence that shows his support for Muslims and Islam:

And most recently he has been aiding and abetting Islamic radicals to take over Egypt,Libya and now Syria. and

Obama aids& abets our enemies:

Obama also attacks Christianity and disrespects Christian beliefs and rights of what kind of Christian is he?? Obama Mocks the Bible and is hostile to Christianity
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