“At the Pentagon, top officers fumed at Brennan’s blow-by-blow description of how the SEALs operated; they believed that the former CIA officer had given away operational secrets never shared outside the tribe. (In fact, it appears no real secrets were divulged.) No one was angrier than Mullen himself, who still fumed about that news conference nearly a year later…
“By Wednesday of that week, Gates went to see Donilon, offering up a barbed assessment of how the White House had handled the aftermath of the raid.
“‘I have a new strategic communications approach to recommend,’ Gates said in his trademark droll tones, according to an account later provided by his colleagues.
“What was that, Donilon asked?
“‘Shut the f@*k up,’ the defense secretary said.”

They claim no secrets were revealed...oh yeah,but the division who killed OBL was revealed and a month or so later about 22 Navy SEALS were killed in a helicopter 'accident',as originally reported in the media. Hmmm...http://abcnews.go.com/International/helicopter-shot-25-navy-seals-dead-crash-afghanistan/story?id=14245387 and the Taliban took credit for the killing. After a very low profile investigation, the WH/Pentagon takes no blame for the incident. http://articles.latimes.com/2011/oct/13/nation/la-na-seals-crash-20111013

Yet,why were so many SEALS&others on one helicopter&why were they not using the Black Hawk helicopter [a faster model] that they normally would use??

It seems there are still a lot of questions that don't satisfy families of the fallen and many US citizens. Why were their lives compromised by only using one helicopter&not the usual Black Hawk?? Someone needs to be held accountable! #DDAY   #military  
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